Indonesia: Don't Mocking!

Preachers Say Spilling Blood of Filmmakers is a ‘Legal Duty’… (TROP)

Indonesia: Don’t mocking!

Restraint Urged as Islamic Protests Spread to US Embassy in Jakarta

“Whoever made the movie must be punished. The [Indonesian] government should respond to this quickly because this movie degrades the Prophet Muhammad.”–More
support for the false prophet at Jakarta Globe  (Mullah)

In Yemen, we are also winning ‘the war on terror’– U.S. deploys Marine rapid response team to Yemen …

Another church closed down; nothing to do with Islam:

There is Shiitephobia going on:

Bomb goes off before the jihad:

Punks are un-Islamic:

 Sunni Muslims declaring their hatred towards Christians and Ahmadiyya Muslims in Indonesia

“9/11 was an inside job”

Indonesian muslims praise 9/11 jihadists

Muslims across the world were dancing when the towers came down, so this is hardly surprising.

“Indonesia militants praise 9/11hijackers” International News