Under Islamic Rule

Israel’s Channel 2 reports that Arabs protesting in Acre today said that only an Islamic caliphate will cause the violence to stop.

“Only Islamic rule throughout the world will make peace. Jews and Christians can live without fear under the wings of Islam.” (h/t Elder)

Huma Abedin and the Republican Betrayal of Michele Bachmann– Walid Shoebat

Michele Bachmann suffered the most from her courageous stand, and she apparently has been designated as Enemy Number One, not only from Democrats, but from the Republican Establishment Elite. Leftists and Islamists must be laughing hysterically as they see Republicans commit verbal cannibalism against one of their own.

Middle East democracy — One person, one vote, one time

That’s not a ‘cynical view’- that’s the reality.

Once again, the Juan Coles of this world ask “Why do they hate us?”

 This is idiocy. This is the stupidity that got us into this mess. Its because they hate, not why.
Please spare us the pseduo-intellectual analyses that blame America for Muslim violence. If the Muslim world is to ever progress, it requires that their members take personal responsibility for their actions. That isn’t a Western concept, but apparently communities that embrace that simple idea are the ones that will ultimately prosper.
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3 thoughts on “Under Islamic Rule”

  1. The anti-islam movement has always considered America as the one nation that is necessary to defeat Islam. But what if America has always been a silent ally of Islam – in fact the ally of the most fanatic branch of Islam – Wahhabbi Saudi Islam.

    The evidence of the past 50 years substantiate that contention. With America now openly supporting alQaeda and the MB, it has moved from a silent supporter to an open supporter.

  2. Methinks the worm is turning. Islam feeds on ignorance, ignorance of the vile nature of the cult. The world is beginning to understand exactly what Islam is all about

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