Islamo-panderer Nicholas Kotsiras gets his instructions from the Islamic Council of Victoria

Minister warns against complacency over protests  (ABC)

(whatever that means, its not about freedom of speech)

Steve Austin on the ABC  this morning interviewed Sherene Hassan, a spokesturd for ICV.  Sherene assured the audience that Mohammed abhorred violence and was kind and gentle. (ask the Banu Quraysa jews)
Misguided Muslims in Sydney don’t follow the true Islam (according to Sherene).

This blog featured the Muslim lackey Kotsiras previously:

The State Government says Victorians should not be complacent following the violent protests seen in Sydney on the weekend.

An anti-Islamic film has fuelled demonstrations around the world, with protesters marching on and attacking US embassies throughout the Middle East.

Six men have been charged in Sydney after violence broke out during a protest on Saturday.

Victoria’s Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Nicholas Kotsiras says his office has been in constant contact with the Islamic Council of Victoria and police.

“Fortunately we haven’t had what happened in Sydney on the weekend but we can’t be complacent,” he told ABC local radio.

“We have to keep working together to ensure that people understand that they can be proud of who they are, be proud of their heritage but also be proud of being a Victorian and an Australian.”

Just try and live up to what you say, jerk!

The secretary of the council, Sherene Hassan, says while the protests were unacceptable, politicians should be careful with the language they use.

“Describing the rallies as being un-Australian I don’t think is very helpful,” she said.

Nobody should be seen being ‘helpful’ to muslims or Islam. Nobody.

“Singling out a particular group and saying they’re less Australian than the rest of the community certainly doesn’t help them feel part of the community.

They are not.  Part. of. the. community.  For them, its believer vs unbeliever. Enough of this BS!

“I think we should be labelling the violent protests as violent and vile and disgusting, but I don’t think the word un Australian was necessary at all.”

No Muslim should be in Australia. Period. Nobody has the right to pervert and contaminate our society like Muslims do. Muslims will never be Australians, never!

“We need to try and find solutions together and not single out individuals.”

No. We don’t. We need internment and deportations.

7 thoughts on “Islamo-panderer Nicholas Kotsiras gets his instructions from the Islamic Council of Victoria”

  1. “We need to try and find solutions together and not single out individuals.”

    We must do what Muslim do. That should please Muslims most of all.

    What, what???

    Well, when Muslims are in the majority, they subjugate the minority, but only after much slaughter, and religio-ethnic cleansing. The remainder have to voluntarily submit to subjugation, and be happy about it as well.

    Ask the Copts, or Christians in any Muslim country – ANY MUSLIM COUNTRY.

  2. @ Jay – as the papers said “adorable” – is it possible to send this on to Julia Gillard as she is keeping a scrapbook of unAustralian photos.

  3. Kotsiras was born in Greece and he has forgotten the brutal occupation of Greece and the surrounding Balkan states for 500 – 600 years by the savage Muslim Turks. Every Christian family had to give a male child to the Turkish Muslim savages to be brought up as Muslim and compelled to serve in the Janissary Corps. The Greek men were enslaved or slaughtered and their women raped or taken captive for the Turkish harems.
    I guess George Santayana’s saying, “He who does not learn from the lessons of history is forever doomed to repeating it.” is fitting for Kotsiras.

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