The scourge of Muslim terror is growing with the rise in followers

That much is true.

WHEN Victoria Police announced a series of raids of properties across Melbourne last week and the discovery of extremist terror-related documents, I imagine few thought of Buddhists.

Keep their hate out of our country

Andrew Bolt


THE problem isn’t us. It isn’t even some YouTube clip posted by a filmmaker no one has heard of. No, the problem is them.

Reality check. This protest was not caused by a YouTube clip

If this comes from opening our doors, then shut them. If this comes from multiculturalism, then scrap it.

Let’s debate whether we must restrict Muslim immigration until we better integrate those here already.

Like most religions, Buddhist and terror don’t go hand in hand. Neither does Catholic and terror, or Baha’i and terror, Taoism and terror, Confucianism and terror, Lutheran and terror, Shinto and terror, Hinduism and terror, Mormon and terror, or Anglican and terror.

What does fit together so regularly and almost automatically – like a hand in a glove – is Muslim and terror.

A search of the Herald Sun library over the past year for stories containing the words Buddhist and terror threw up two entries, neither to do with Buddhist terrorists.

The same search for the words Muslim and terror resulted in 44 entries – depressing reports of bombs, killings and plans for mass murder of Australians. Take the search back two years and 100 reports pop up.

Yet there are more Buddhists in Australia than Muslims. Last year’s national census counted 528,997 Buddhists and 476,291 Muslims.

But Muslims make much more news; disproportionately so, and much of it very bad indeed. It worries those of us prepared to live in peace with all religions and races. You can only hope it disturbs those Muslims who wish for the same.

Globally, Islam is a religion putting on a growth spurt. By the time of the next Australian census it will have overtaken Buddhism. Christianity did the same years ago. It went from a minor cult to being the Roman Empire’s designated religion in less than 300 years.

Cheap shot. 

Eminent US researcher Rodney Stark, a professor of sociology and comparative religion, has shown that Christianity’s astonishing success was due to several of its characteristics: Christians opposed abortion, and that will always get your numbers up; they also opposed female infanticide; they treated women almost equally, giving them more opportunities, not least of which is to marry non-believers and convert them; they loved their neighbours and cared for the sick and poor, meaning that in lean times more of them survived; and, crucially, the courage of their martyrs so impressed their enemies, many of them converted, too.

What a lot of tosh.

Islam also has “martyrs” – Palestinian media boasts about them almost non-stop. But these are killers of the kind taught to fly – but not land – aircraft in the US in the early months of 2001.

The world’s Muslim population is forecast to grow at twice the rate of the non-Muslim population by 2030. By then, there will be 2.2 billion Muslims on earth. That will be 26.4 per cent of the human race – 60 per cent of them in our region.

In 1990, Muslims were 19.9 per cent of humanity. This explosive population growth is little to do with Islam’s treatment of women, or its concern for the health of others. It’s mostly that Muslim women are having more babies.

None of these statistics need bother us, but for the number of Muslims who attach themselves to the extremist intolerance of the Taliban, Al-Qaida or the Muslim Brotherhood.

We are told Islamists are in the minority, that Islam is the religion of peace, and that overwhelmingly its adherents can live agreeably with the rest of us. That would be all very well, but time and time again the evidence is that there are more Islamic extremists than some are prepared to acknowledge.

And in the past few days we saw evidence that too many Muslims are homicidally intolerant of our Western democracy and freedoms.

First there was the mob in Libya chanting “God is great” as they attacked the US embassy murdering four Americans, including US ambassador Chris Stevens. He died at the hospital he was in negotiations to help extend.

The only reason the US ambassador to Egypt wasn’t killed was because security forces kept Islamists away from the building.

THERE have been similar scenes in Sudan, Tunisia and Lebanon. It is almost impossible to see success stories emerging from the so-called Arab spring. Islamists will see to that. Inevitably, local Muslims also violently took to the streets.

Sydney’s Muslim rioters bore placards insulting non-believers and threatening to kill people while they attacked and injured police.

Although we are told constantly that there is a tiny minority of Islamists among the local Muslim community, more than 1000 turned up at Sydney’s Hyde Park. That’s a lot of people from a small community, even dragging along at least one brainwashed child.

It’s the sight of that child demanding the beheading of anyone who slights his religion that has me worried. As ASIO wrestles with the older versions of that little boy and the threat they pose to our safety, I wonder if Victoria Police needs a dedicated squad to monitor local Islamists’ activities.

There’s a precedent: We once had an Asian squad that focused on crime in that community. NSW still has its Asian Crime Squad, which develops “strategy, policy, intelligence products, good practice and the provision of specialist investigative services”.

As a start, we should recruit more officers from within the Islamic community.

No. We should not.

Police Association secretary Greg Davies agrees: “It is very difficult to infiltrate a group when you look absolutely nothing like any of them.”

He is concerned young Muslims may be radicalised at local mosques. Davies says we need people “properly equipped, who not only speak the language, but can be unobtrusive when they infiltrate these groups”.

The past week’s events and the weekend’s shameful scenes in Sydney suggest any such squad would be kept busy indeed.


Alan Howe is executive editor of the Herald Sun

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  1. Projected Australian muslim population growth from 2011 to 2016.

    M = P( 1 + i )^n
    M is the final amount including the principal.
    P is the principal amount.
    i is the rate of interest per year.
    n is the number of years invested.
    Applying the Formula
    Let’s say that I have $1000.00 to invest for 3 years at rate of 5% Compound interest.
    M = 1000 (1 + 0.05)3 = $1157.62.
    You can see that my $1000.00 is worth $1157.62.
    Are you ready to try a few on your own? The following worksheet contains 10 questions on compound interest. Once you’ve tried these, click here for the solutions.

    My example: Australian muslim population growth from 2011 to 2016 Source: ABS Census 2006 and 2011.
    M = X, P = 476,300, i = 39.92%, n = 5 years.
    M = 476,300 (1 + 0.3992)^5
    M = 2,554,345 in 2016. 10% of our population.

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