"Lets do a peace deal"

The ignorance of western journo’s and polit-props is astounding. To take a primitive headbanger by his word is just silly.  This  Zawahiri brother has no authority to speak for Islam whatsoever. Whatever he as an individual says is redundant. Nick Robertson is an idiot to go out on a limb to do propaganda for al Qaeda.  Islamic law doesn’t recognise  or allow for peace  treaties with infidels; the most the caliph can agree to is a hudna for up to 10 years, then the jihad continues regardless. Just goes to show what airheads are running around the Middle East cluelessly misinforming the public.

The brother of al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri is proposing to mediate a peace deal between the West and Islamists.  (CNN video)

7 thoughts on “"Lets do a peace deal"”

  1. He can insert his peace deal (and the clintonos) up his rectum.
    Ooops. William and Shillary are already there.

  2. “Lets do a peace deal” says this disingenous al Qaeda guy. The Bible explains about such characters who speak like this. For in Psalm 55:20,21 it reads “Such men do violence to those at peace with them and break their promised word: their speech is smother the butter but the thoughts are of war.” [NEB]

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