The black flag of jihad replaces U.S. flag in Cairo & Benghazi after murder of ambassador


The Obama regime is preparing to give these same animals $1 BILLION that it expropriated from US taxpayers.

Tehran 1979 – Cairo 2012
The Obama State Department apologized to the Islamists today after they stormed the US Embassy in Cairo.–Here’s the press release (GWP)

Just don’t call them ‘savages’, that would be ‘hateful’. And don’t expect Obama to take any action against his MuBro’s.

“The United States will never be at war with Islam”- right?


Not “Islamists”- Muslims dragged the dead body of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens from the embassy after he was murdered last night. (GWP)

The radical Islamists MuBro’s attacked the embassy with rocket propelled grenades and machine gun fire.

The clowns from AP keep calling these devout Muslims “ultraconservative Islamist protesters” —Radical Islamists Chant “We Are All Osama!” at US Embassy in Egypt on 9-11

Raymond Ibrahim: Islam’s Black Flag Flies over Egypt

The United States embassy of Egypt is under siege.

Egypt: Muslims Besiege Court Sentencing Christian for “Insulting Islam”

Right before Muslims besieged the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, another pack of Muslims had besieged a court in Upper Egypt, where a Coptic Christian English teacher accused of “insulting” Islam, Bishoy Kamil Kamal, was supposed to be sentenced. For the second time, the court postponed his sentencing, this time to September 18, because it was surrounded by large crowds crying Islamic slogans, condemning Christians, and calling for the death of the man—to the point that very heavy security had to be present.

Muslims enraged over film murder U.S. ambassador to Libya

This “Arab Spring” certainly has resulted in a flowering of democracy and pluralism, just as the mainstream media told us it would. “U.S. ambassador to Libya killed in Benghazi attack,” by Tamim Elyan and Omar al-Mosmari for Reuters, September 11:

BENGHAZI, Libya (Reuters) – The U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other embassy staff were killed in a rocket attack on their car, a Libyan official said, as they were rushed from a consular building stormed by militants denouncing a U.S.-made film insulting the Prophet Mohammad.

Libya: Muslims burn down U.S. consulate and murder one American in rage over film insulting Muhammad

More madness, but the end result will be more calls for restrictions on free speech. “Libya: U.S. staffer dies in attack on consulate,” by Sarah El Deeb for the Associated Press, September 11:

8 thoughts on “The black flag of jihad replaces U.S. flag in Cairo & Benghazi after murder of ambassador”

  1. Shall we hold our breaths for moslem outrage at this? …. And I know they are out there because they are whining about 9/11 again.

  2. What a shame! I am Egyptian! Muslim! I am outraged because of the movie as well! but it is not the ambassadors fault! The movie was produced by Israeli and promoted by Egyptian Coptic Christians.. If this is not a conspiracy, you tell me!

  3. @ali

    People having an a contrary view point to your own is NOT a conspiracy.

    It is called a different world view.

    It is a dialogue.

    If the Coptic Christians are having trouble with Muslims-where they lived for centuries before the peasants of Egypt were forced to convert to Islam, then I (and others) want to hear from Coptic Christians, not a Muslims-on the Coptic state of affairs.

    The Coptic Christians have a voice and the right to be heard. If you do not like it and you feel ashamed of your Muslim Brethren, perhaps it would behoove you to stand sentry outside Coptic Churches and stop the violent, murdering Muslims in there tracks.

  4. Ali,

    Listen and understand what Hill wrote. Your opinion is YOUR own, not mine nor anyone elses.

    You muslims are simply too stupid to think – you murdered three or fout more more innocent people yesterday -you abused their bodies – because someone else raised an argument that YOU cannot understand or deal with. THE FAULT IS YOURS!!!!!! HOW DARE YOU TRY TO BLAME OTHERS FOR WHAT YOU MUSLIMS HAVE DONE!!!!!!! YOU ARE VIOLENT, LOW IQ THUGS!!!!

  5. Muslims should be ashamed of what their muslims brethrens did to the American ambassador. The all too frequent violent image of islam that muslims people commonly displayed at the slightest disagreement is indeed proved that islam is just another inhumane ideology, supported by their backward, intolerant, inhumane savage tribes with backward, inhumane mentality.

  6. The film looks like a load of crap but that doesn’t mean that the guy who made it is wrong when he call islam a cancer.

  7. Tha Ambassador was White.Do you think Obamashit cares!!! Let him and his Sow have 5 seconds of silence on the White House lawn.

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