Mideast Riots Were Planned Before YouTube Video Ever Made the Airwaves

Obama Regime Sides With Muslim Mobs

Carney: Anti-US Protests Are Not Directed at the United States

With our embassies going up in smoke all over the Muslim world thanks to their groveling policies, you’ve got to wonder just how useless our “leaders” are. Here is the answer, compliments of White House Press Secretary Jay Carney:

White House Spokesturd Jay Carney told reporters  that the Middle East protests were in response to a video.

“These protests were in reaction to a video that had spread to the region… The unrest we’ve seen in the region has been in reaction to a video.”

He’s wrong.

The Muslim protests were planned back in August – before the film was ever released.
The protest in Cairo was organized by the terror group, Jamaa Islamiya.  (USA Today  via GWP)

Black al Qaeda Flags Over U.S. Embassies

In One Week Islamic Flags Fly at US Embassies in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen – Libyan Consulate Destroyed   (GWP)

Rioters swarmed over the U.S. Embassy inTunisia, like ants, and tore down the American flag and replaced it with the black flag of al Qaeda, according to various media reports (see article: al-Qaeda flags flies over U.S. embassy in Tunisia

CNN disinformation in overdrive:

CNN: Black Flag Not Al Qaeda, Just ‘Affirmation Of Faith’

“There is no god but Allah and Mohammad is his messenger”

The MSM is in full denial mode that these are protests and not terrorist acts. Yhey are desperately trying to cover for their Dear Leader.

“Obama, Obama, we are all Osama.” Is what they are chanting.

CNN  journaillie who distort reality like  this are  despicable swine.

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