The attack on a Jewish Rabbi in Berlin reveals more than just anti-Semitism

Muslim Thugs Threatened to Rape Six-Year-Old Girl

The youths were described as “Arab-looking”. They didn’t ask the 53 year old rabbi if he was Israeli or if he was a Zionist; they asked him if he was a Jew!

Clearly, the soldiers of allah do not  worship the GOD of the Christians and Jews: so much for  ‘interfaith dialogue’ and the ‘three Abrahamic religions’.

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On September 2, 2012  In The Point

Four young Arabs punched Rabbi Daniel Alter several times in the face on Tuesday because he was Jewish and wearing a yarmulka, and threatened to kill his six-year-old daughter. Doctors performed surgery on Alter’s fractured cheekbone.

The 53-year-old rabbi said one of the four Arab-looking youths who attacked him first asked him, “Hey, are you a Jew?” Alter said the youths threatened him and his daughter with such statements as, “I’ll f*** your daughter… your wife and I’ll f***… your God.”

Six years old. Well that’s around Aisha’s age isn’t it? Clearly ready to be raped, from the point of view of some Muslims.  (Continued below the fold)


 Kippa Walk of a hundred people

This is what Jewish life in Berlin looks like under the pressure of Islamic immigration. European Jews are usually much slower to speak out than their American counterparts. It takes more than just one assault to get a strong reaction from them. It takes a sustained period of such assaults.

The head of a Reform seminary is telling his Rabbinical students to hide their identities.

The rector of the Abraham Geiger College in Potsdam, an academic seminary for rabbis, warned his students against wearing the kippah, or yarmulke, the traditional Jewish head covering, after a rabbi was beaten up in broad daylight earlier this week in Berlin.

“If you are no longer seen as a Jewish person, you are safer,” Walter Homolka told the Berliner Morgenpost daily.

Some have responded with a Kippa Walk of a hundred people featuring both Jews and non-Jews rallying against Anti-Semitism. It’s a feel-good moment, but it does nothing to address the problem because the people rallying, Jews and Germans, are not the problem.

Dr. Dieter Graumann, head of the Central Council of Jews, told the BerlinerZeitung on Friday, “I would be pleased if the [Muslim] associations would finally deal decisively with anti-Semitism in their own ranks.”

According to the Berliner Zeitung, Aiman Mazyek, head of the Central Council of Muslims, said in connection with the attack on Alter that “such acts cause deep disgust.”

Responding to Mazyek, Graumann said, “Words and sympathy are nice and meant to be honest, but deeds would also count.”

But the establishment is mostly emitting the same noises about tolerance and co-existence.

Pastor Thomas Luebke is still working on the posters. “We are against violence,” is to stand on a two by 3.50 meter wide banner.

I suppose being against violence is something that everyone can agree on… so long as you don’t identify the source of the violence.

Herman Dreer also belongs to the initiative. He will on Sunday speak at the rally. The attack on his neighbor was not just an attack on a single person, he says: “This was an attack on our peaceful coexistence in this district.”

No, it was an attack on Jews by Muslims motivated by an ideology of hate. Until that fundamental issue is dealt with, things will not change.

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  1. When my father was in an Italian jail under German occupation he did not wish for compassion. He wished for a gun and the Jewish self defense organization that will enable him to defend and exact revenge. If this little girl is not worth defending with more than platitudes, then nothing is worth defending and the world can go down to Sauron’s (or Khamenai, Nassrallah, Mursi, Assad, Erdogan) hell.
    German innate antisemitism is very happy to let the Islamists take the lead on Jewdeocidal ideology while they lead from behind. Selling centrifuges to the Iranian neo-nazis. If Jews are still stupid enough to try and make Germany habitable for decent humans, then god have mercy on their souls

  2. This looks remarkably like the leadup to the Second World War in Europe.
    Any bets on guessing the start date for WW3? The perps have the scent of victory in their nostrils and are putting the pedal to the metal. Which side will you be on? There are no fences to sit on now – all borders are open. If you can’t decide, Islam will force the decision upon you. Oh and by the way, join a rifle club, just like our forefathers here in Australia did between the two world wars in the last century.

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