UK: The Grunard Sees "Extremists" Everywhere!

The Grunard is just a little too ‘extreme’ for me. Too deep in the camp of Islam. And so far left that it comes out on the other end. And desperate. Desperate to the point of being hysterical. And in desperation, they’re trying to establish that ‘Breivik’ connection, which they all know is absurd, but it might scare the truth tellers and might keep people like us from speaking out.

Meanwhile, the Grunard progressives would never report this:

‘Why I will fight to bear my Cross’: Four devout British Christians take their battle for religious freedom to human rights judges

The enlightened progressives from the Grunard would never defend the religious freedom of Christians. That might take guts, which they don’t have. Its Islam and collectivism, all of the time.

The Guardian’s propensity to manufacture news and create false perceptions,  to run with a false narrative as opposed to reporting the news is nauseating. This kind of “Pravda” smear job is just  ridiculous.

Here’s Pat Condell ripping the leftards a new one:

Earlier last week:

Far-right English Defence League to protest in Walthamstow

By Katie Bamber/Saturday 1st September 2012

… Members of the extremist group – which describes itself as a movement against Islamic extremism – are set to protest in Walthamstow from 1.30pm. …  Story at Guardian

The ‘Socialist Workers’ and the soldiers of allah are preparing action against the ‘racists’….

English Defence League (EDL) Demonstrate in Walthamstow: An Islamic Response


4 thoughts on “UK: The Grunard Sees "Extremists" Everywhere!”

  1. So ‘Hope not Hate’ are establishing a ‘counter-jihad’ monitoring group. Will it be the counter counter jihad? Funny how they don’t have a ‘jihad monitoring’ group. I imagine they know how much they’ll be helping radical Muslims persue their ‘enemies’, ie people who prefer freedom over Sharia. Will they take responsibility when the killings start?

  2. could only manage to watch this for about a minute,ever wondered what a talking garden gnome would sound like !!?
    sorry that was a bit offensive,”gnomeophobic” even….

  3. sharia law must be prohibited, it is outdated, injust and religionized facism.
    only real theocracy of the way of Qahal YHWH will prevail.

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