Bahrein Buys Palermo, Qatar to Finance French Banlieues

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Qatar to Finance French Banlieues

Critics note that the Gulf emirate has been pushing the envelope. Qatar’s support for Islamist groups – including the Muslim Brotherhood and Libyan Islamist factions – have rung alarm bells across the international community.

“Our country is indeed up for sale to oil monarchies who support radical Islam and jihadism across the world,” Le Pen wrote in a statement titled, “The Trojan Horse of Islamism”.– France24/thanks to Cheradenine Zakalwe

Palermo For Sale: Bahrein to Invest 2$ Billion;  but Mega-mosque comes first

Bahrein, Zamil al Zamil

 (Source in Italian)

PALERMO – In the old days it was the  rich uncle from America, but today, in times of the Euro-crisis, the coins jingling are  coming from Arabia.  The mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando invited  Zamil Al Zamil Sheikh from Bahrein, who is said to be ready to invest in the capital  a river of money, up to € 2 billion. There is only one small item:  investments will come, but in return the sheikh wants the Sicilians to build a mosque for Muslims in Palermo. This is the project at the top of the desires of the rich sheik, who commands  the Zamil Group, 54 companies in sixty countries, with an annual turnover  of 32 billion.

Below is the rest of the article by Google translation, I think you get the message. The mosque comes first, never mind the rest. Socialist fools have sold us out for less……

INTERVIEW – Money that could radically change the conditions of a city in distress and difficulty, in this Palace of the Eagles is the atmosphere for special occasions with the clerks in white gloves, which have virtually locked up, for prevent them to come out, the councilors, meeting in the Hall of Stone. In practical terms it is not clear which fund projects deemed materially Sheikh, now it’s up to councilors to come to make a choice of the proposals.

THE EVENING OF THE SHEIKH – The Sheikh and the Princess Sheikha Hissa Al Sabah, the Kuwaiti royal family, have stayed at the hotel Piazza Borsa. The bar Alba, took care of the catering for a party absolutely restricted. In table Sicilian specialties in key Muslim: no pork, for example, and a little wine. Among the starters, octopus and potatoes, caponata swordfish Sicilian cheeses, smoked salmon, scones with olives and fresh ricotta. And again, timballini baked pasta, cous cous with vegetables and fish, strips of chicken with vegetables and a salad typical of green beans, boiled potatoes and tomato. Then dessert buffet: the protagonist a large cassata, served together with a selection of pastries.

Thanks to PI  (In German)

Was machen Sizilianer, wenn ihnen das Geld ausgeht? Früher bettelte man den reichen Onkel in Amerika an. In Zeiten von Eurokrise, Obama, stagnierendem Tourismus und aufgenötigten EU-Technokraten an der Regierung kommt der reiche Onkel aus dem Orient.

Wie die Tageszeitung „Corriere del’ Mezzogiorno“ berichtet, empfing der Bürgermeister der Mafia-Hochburg Palermo, Leoluca Orlando, den Scheich von Bahrein, Zamil al Zamil (Foto oben), nebst Gattin zum halal- Abendessen im Hotel „Piazza Borsa“ bei garantiert schweinefleischfreien Leckereien und nur wenig Wein („poco vino“). Das Ergebnis des alkoholreduzierten Treffens: Der Scheich will 2 Milliarden Euro in die Stadt investieren. Im Gegenzug erklärt sich die Stadt Palermo bereit sich freiwillig islamisieren zu lassen und einen Giga-Moscheebau zuzulassen. Da trifft es sich gut, dass der Scheich auch gleichzeitig mit seiner Zamil-Gruppe und 54 Tochterunternehmen in 60 Ländern und 32 Mrd. Jahresumsatz einer der größten Bauunternehmer des Nahen Ostens ist.

In was genau die Summe von zwei Milliarden Euro in Palermo investiert werden soll, steht zwar noch in den Sternen, die Architekten für die Protzmoschee sind aber anscheinend schon auf dem Weg, ohne abzuwarten, ob das großzügige Investitionsangebot auch angenommen wird. Einen Scheck hat der reiche Onkel aus dem Orient jedenfalls bis jetzt noch nicht dagelassen.

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  1. With the “canaries in the mine” the French Jews, leaving this formerly enlightened country, France is nearly gone! But how far behind is Australia? With our formerly “national icon” Qantas becoming the “Sheila” of the Emirates, our race-that-stops-a-nation long since the “Emirates Cup”, etc. et-allah-akbar-cetera….

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