"Undermining U.N. LAW?" Ever heard of "The U.N. human rights system?"

WTF? What exactly is ‘U.N. Law?”  The sharia?

Catherine Morris’ heart bleeds for the prayer leader of Guantanomo Bay: Omar Khadr.

 Scaramouche tries to put her feet back on the ground:

To bolster her case (she thinks, as only a “human rights” type could or would),

Catherine Morris writes:

The behaviour of the government in the case of Omar Khadr demonstrates a profound lack of respect for Canada’s courts and the United Nations human rights system.

The UN “human rights” system?  The one presided over by such “human rights” paragons as Cuba, Saudi Arabia and China?  (Not to mention Iran, Libya or Pakistan…)

Why on earth should anyone with an ounce of sense respect that corrupt, obsessively Zion-loathing den of vipers?

Ezra interviews another of Omar Khadr’s victims-Vlad Tepes

In other news:

The PuffHo offers a soapbox to two foreigners, the totally unhinged Mehdi Hasan, political director of The Huffington Post UK and The Times columnist, David Aaronovitch. Both argue  that freedom of speech is not an “absolute right.” Hasan claims free speech is being ‘fetishized’ and no different to farting in a lift.

BNI is not the only one who has a problem with that:

Excuse me, but I really abhor foreigners (as well as leftists) who try to tell America what our First Amendment really means

More  “Human Rights” Delusions and Dead Bodies:

Yemen Security Chief At US Embassy Killed In Sanaa–Jawa Report

Obama Lesbot Susan Rice declares victory:

3 thoughts on “"Undermining U.N. LAW?" Ever heard of "The U.N. human rights system?"”

  1. I don’t know who explained the First Amendment in green letters, but it couldn’t be said better.
    It is correct that the US is the only country with a First Amendment, but it ought to be for all humanity. Americans should all ber proud of it. I’m not american, but I’m still proud of that it exist. To me it’s an anchor that will always keep the truth safe somewhere in a secure bay or harbor amid the tornados of lies that may trouble the rest of the globe. With an arab First Amendment islam would never have existed.

  2. I’m Canadian. Khadr was sentenced to 40 years for murder, (not to mention the questionable photos of him holding the severed hands and feet of his family’s sharia victims, etc) yet only served a quarter of that.

    Within a year, the prick will be free to roam Canadian streets again.

    “Child soldier” is an irrelevant category when used to promote moslems.

    ALL moslems are criminals.

    Far from being a “child soldier” Omar’s situation is exactly like a 15 year old mafiosi family member who gets caught – they will never repent because they will always have lots of support on the outside.

    Omar Khadr’s part of a sub(human) culture which encourages and praises murder and murderers; the ony way to reform child-soldiers is if they are isolated from their handlers (in this case, his own family and moslem community). That isn’t going to happen, and he still takes public pride in his crimes. Either way, it was his own criminal family that deliberately condemned him to this fate, not our justice system for simply having caught him committing his crimes!

    The Khadrs aren’t Afghanis, so they weren’t defending “their” country from invasion in a WAR, nor were they killing others in combat within the rules of war (like wearing uniforms). Besides which, even TEN YEAR OLDS occasionally get sentenced to life in prison, for MURDER.

    Omar Khadr pled guilty because he’s proud of his deeds. He is still defiant and dreams of killing more infidels for allah. These are all direct quotes. ALL moslems are brainwashed by being misled and lied to, and because of that fact, he cannot be salvaged, not when there are mobs of moslems waiting to encourage and praise him and celebrate his deeds upon his release.

  3. As an atheist, islam offends me. Its beliefs about my person are an insult. Its with to kill me and my kind is offensive. Will this cause him to shut up?

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