Colin Powell: What 'Integrity?'

Colin Powell Endorses Obama Again

Hugh Fitzgerald reminds us who and what Colin Powell really is: a dereliction of duty!

He once held high office. And though he never demonstrated any particular gifts, he acquired — possibly because there had to be something good about him to focus on — the reputation for “integrity.” Apparently the gift to his wife of a Jaguar from Prince Bandar, his tennis partner, who was recently revealed in Great Britain to have been the recipient of up to $2 billion in kickbacks from a British aerospace company, and who was famous for distributing his largesse to powerful people in Washington, did nothing to modify this reputation for “integrity.” It would be useful to know, by the way, whether Colin Powell has been on the Arab lecture-circuit, the way so many others among our high and mighty have been, picking up, for a single lecture, a hundred thousand, two hundred thousand, even a million dollars….

Sununu: Powell endorsed President Obama because of race

Exhibit A: why Colin Powell must be excommunicated from the GOP

Yes, there is his weird chumminess with Louis Farraklown, the ranting, raving, Jew & whitey hatin’ ratbag that would make Jeremiah Wright blush in a hate-speech contest:

Powell is marketing himself as a Republican or a demi-conservative. He’s neither, as evidenced by his incoherent and bizarre endorsement of Barack Obama in 2008.

This picture – found on Twitter during the London Olympics — demonstrates just how outrageous a personality Colin Powell has become.

Socializing with the loathsome Louis Farrakhan?  (Doug Ross)

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  1. Colin Powell was promoted and brought into the public light by Republicans. He showed his thanks by supporting Obama – a Demcrat. 90% of the Black population in the US will vote for Obama. That decisionis based on “race”. Why should Powell be any different?

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