More Muslim Riots in Burma

Rakhine: More than 110 dead in ‘clashes’ between ethnic Burmese and Rohingya 

Fighting between majority Buddhists and minority Muslims restarted on Sunday. So far, in addition to the dead, 72 people have been injured and some 2,000 homes set on fire. Myanmar president rails against manipulators who are behind the violence, pledges action by the military and the authorities to restore stability. Bangladesh tightens controls to stop refugees from reaching its coasts.

From al Jizz:

UN condemns latest Myanmar ethnic strife

Not “ethnic strife”- its jihad  by invading Muslims against a Buddhist country:

Violence between Buddhist Rakhine and Muslim Rohingya leaves 112 people dead and 2,000 homes destroyed, say officials.

Radio Australia

Police accused of provocation in Burma violence

“Only the military personnel tried to protect the Rohingya people, but not good enough, to protect these innocent people,” Mr Tahay told Radio Australia’s Asia Pacific. Mr Tahay says local Buddhist Rakhine, as well as Bengali Rakhine and members of the…–See all stories on this topic »

Mandalay, the second largest city of Myanmar, is known as the capital city of Burmese culture. It was founded along the Irrawaddy River bank by King Mindon in 1857. Upon its founding, the city was called “Yadanabon”,  which means “The City of Gems”. The city served as the last royal capital of Burma before the British conquered the city in 1885.  Here’s a beautiful slideshow, take a look!

The UN huffs & puffs:

The UN has warned that Burma’s reform programme could be put at risk by continued communal violence in the western state of Rakhine.


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  1. I think its time to destroy the U.N once and for all. Its a toxic organisation not fit to exist, full of muslims and left wing apoligist scum.

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