NY: Muslims Fear 'Backlash' From Failed Bomb Attack on Federal Reserve

Feds Arrest Bangladeshi (Musel-)Man boy Who Tried To Blow Up New York Federal Reserve– Forbes

But the real problem is “Islamophobia!”

His name is Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis, a turd from Bangladesh.

MuBro front CAIR and Associated Press have been bitching and whining about the NYPD surveillance of the muzzies for months DESPITE as many as 15 foiled terrorist attacks in NYC. Associated Press is as good as a co-conspirator aiding and abetting any would be jihadists.

And yes, there are still morons who seem to think that it is “controversial and racist” to support the civilized man, DEFEAT JIHAD!

Stay tuned for cries of ‘entrapment’, ‘marginalised’, ‘insults to the profit Mohammed’, ‘cartoon rage’, movie rage, ‘not all muslims…’ – ‘tiny minority of excremists’- fill in the rest……
Update: its happening as I’m putting this up:
Mona Eltahowitzer springs into action:

Mona Eltahawy, of course, is the fascist who spraypainted the pro-freedom ad in New York City.

How do they know? They don’t. They just know that they oppose any and every anti-jihad effort, and believe that Muslims are only and always victims.

The grateful exchange student  (looks just like the taxi driver who took me to the Burlington coat factory on my last trip to NY)

A 21-year-old Bangladeshi (Musel-)man tried unsuccessfully to blow up the New York Federal Reserve Bank building in lower Manhattan on Wednesday morning.

Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis attempted to detonate what he thought was a 1,000 pound bomb in New York’s financial district, but he was arrested by law enforcement as part of a sting and no one was ever in any danger.


More on the Federal Reserve jihadist arrested today: he thought that by launching a massive jihad attack in New York City and murdering many Americans, he could bring Muslims closer to ruling the world. And Islamic rule of the world is indeed a traditional Islamic imperative, delineated in Islamic law. It is routinely denied and obfuscated by Muslims in the U.S. But somehow Muslims like Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis never seem to get the memo.

“Bangla-boy arrested after allegedly trying to blow up Fed building in NYC,” fromFox News, October 17

According to information released by federal prosecutors in Brooklyn, Nafis came to the U.S. in January 2012 on a student visa in order to carry out a terrorist attack and claiming connections to Al-Qaeda. He tried to recruit in the U.S. and form a terrorist cell, but one of the individuals he attempted to recruit was actually a source for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

This morning Naif met with an undercover federal agent who had been posing as an Al Qaeda facilitator and drove in a van to a warehouse to assemble what he believed to be a 1,000-pound bomb inside the van. Together they drove the van to Manhattan and parked it next to the New York Federal Reserve Bank, and walked to a nearby hotel.  Using a cell phone, Nafis then tried to detonate what turned out to be a fake bomb that had been assembled with bogus explosives provided by the undercover agent. The feds arrested Nafis immediately after he tried to detonate the bomb.

According to a criminal complaint filed on Wednesday in federal court in Brooklyn, Nafis is being charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and attempting to provide material support for Al Qaeda. Nafis had also considered targeting the New York Stock Exchange and a high-ranking U.S. official. He claimed to the undercover agent this morning that he was prepared to carry out a suicide attack today if his bombing effort was derailed by police.

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  1. Does ANYONE actually believe this stuff? Actually, the Syria thing is pretty scary. I can only pray the guys and gals that actually push those buttons listen to their hearts not their minds if it ever does reach that point.

  2. 1. He gets 3 stars for attempted Jihad, not the 5 stars he would have got if he had detonated the bomb. Still, every act counts to get to the brothel in the sky.

    2. He is out of Bangladesh, and gets US residence visa for around 40 years, with board and lodging. Not bad.

  3. What do you have trouble believing “eric smith”??? When you have been taught that your duty is to murder for your god since childhood your heart changes – let us hope that they do not listen to their hearts (they have none) because they certainly are not using cognitive abilities in deciding to murder for their god.

    Perhaps “die roggerer” can put in a good work for the banglathug.

  4. The MUZZMUTT SCUM in Australia only has to do less than 12 months before he’s released on parole. The CUNT Judge had no business hearing his case. He should have been sent to The supreme Court. In the District Court a Judge can only impose a 10 yr sentence. BUT this is Australia the MULTI CULTURAL EXPERIMENT country. MUZZRATS are allowed to do ANYTHING here because they’re “CULTURALLY DIFFERENT” If an Aussie had done this crime he would’ve gotten 15 years NO PAROLE. ALL up this CUNT has done just less than 3 years for this heinous crime. It’s past TIME, we the CHRISTIANS of the world, rose up and completed the job the Crusaders started in th 14th century!! Write to the DPP Queensland and lodge your protest over this MANIFESTLY LENIENT SENTENCE handed down to this fucking scrubtick MUZZMUTT SCUM!!

  5. Here is more proof that it is only poverty that causes this behaviour. Father is a banker and the kid went to best school in the country.

  6. Mona Eltahowitzer is a American Traitor that needs to be deported. There are many muslims that will use our laws against us like in the UK. In the UK and Europe the muslims have allready won the battle. In a matter of years muslims will rule Europe. We need to deport these poeple that side with muslims and even stop muslims from engaging in US politics.

  7. lol does anyone even actually know him or his family? how many terrorists from Bangladesh have you heard of? Stop being naive and stop believing the media, since when has the media EVERY told us the real truth?

  8. Media has done their jobs though, making the general american public believe that all muslims are evil… far from the truth, do your own research before buying into propaganda

  9. Ask the people from Assam Jason. They have to put up with your “non-existent” Bangladesh terrorists. The people of Myanmar have also had enough, but I guess that you missed that photo of the Buddhist girl who had been raped and then had her throat slit by a group of muslims. I suggest you do some research, if you are capable of doing so. If you do it properly you will be rather confused because the majority of terror related incidents over the last 15 years (at least) are due to muslims. The only one buying into propaganda is you. Amusingly you have also missed the main message of this blog and you have also not realised that if the MSM told the truth about islam it would appear infinitely worse than the sanitised picture presented.

    1. Nigeria: Panic and chaos as jihadists battle security forces, set fire to schools and government building


      They want an Islamic state, and think murder and mayhem are the best path to it. Where did they get such an “Islamophobic” idea? “Attacks, clashes in north Nigeria leave several dead,” by Aminu Abubakar for AFP, October 19

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