Outrage in Russia over hijab school ban

Rage Boy will do it tough in Moscow

Moscow – Several Muslim families pulled their daughters out of schools in Russia’s south after the girls were told they were not allowed to wear their hijabs, a top Muslim said on Monday.

The Mufti of the southern Stavropol region Muhammad-Haji Rakhimov said he had received complaints from several parents whose daughters were for the first time not being allowed into their schools wearing their hijabs.

The situation resembles a “stalemate” because both the Muslim parents and school authorities refuse to budge, and several girls including second-graders have not been to school for two weeks now, he said.

“The parents of these girls are not letting them go to school, which can lead to the child welfare services taking them away,” Rakhimov said.


Sudden change

He could not explain the authorities’ sudden change in school policies.

“There have not been any problems before this month.”

He added that there were now “many girls” in the Stavropol region who were being kept out of school for this reason, and their parents were too poor to send them to private schools.

One such institution is a rural public school in the village of Kara-Tyube, close to the overwhelmingly Muslim region of Dagestan.

The school’s list of rules posted on its website says that students’ appearance should be in line with the “business style used in a secular society, excluding provocative elements”.

Russia’s pro-government newspaper Izvestiya quoted the school’s director Marina Savchenko as saying that girls would not be permitted in class in their hijabs, but that they could wear ordinary headscarves instead. It added that the parents had filed a complaint with the local prosecutor.

There are about 20 million Muslims in Russia, most of them living in the mountainous North Caucasus, as well as in Tatarstan and Bashkortostan on the Volga River.


6 thoughts on “Outrage in Russia over hijab school ban”

  1. They were probably going to be pulled out of school in a few years and married off anyway, again well done Russia for making a stand

  2. Poor girls. If they wear a hijab, they get turned out of school. If they dont wear one, they either get acid in the face, or shot.

    Even I have to feel sympathy for the lot of these quite young girls, who as young girls, are only trying to please their elders, while texting girl talk to each other.

  3. Women have always born the costs in islam and often islam has taken their lives. If the parents are willing to sacrifice the futures of their daughters so that they (the parents)) can follow islamic dogma, then the parents have forfeited their rights as parents and the children should be removed to a proper environment. DP111 is quite right to feels sympathy, these girls who have no means of defence are being used by islamic thugs ( ie their muslim parents) to force the local government to accept islamic behaviour.

  4. KAW

    These girls are quite young- some as young 10. At this age, all girls wish to do is to chit chat and text to other young girls, while doing their best to please their parents and teachers.

    Its just not right.

  5. We must not forget that if these little girls are not wearing appropriate attire, they will be left to burn in a burning building, while firefighters stand around twiddling their thumbs. In fact, the firefighters will stop their exit.

  6. For those with short memories, DP111 refers (I suspect) to an actual incident in Saudi Arabia where female students were not allowed to exist a burning building by “religious police” due to the fact that they did not have their sacks of death with them. Several students died, and it is not known if the sowdee police were punished for what was, effectively, murder.

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