Sharia Uber Allah

“Do American Muslims want to replace the U.S. Constitution with sharia?”

You bet they do. They must.  That is their religious obligation. But if you object to it, you are a racist-bigot-Islamophobe who is “demonising” Islam, like GOP congressman Louie Gohmert.

“A mosque is simply a place to pray.” —no, its not.

Musel- missionaries blast British ‘mosquebusting’ lawyer’s message

 “Anyone who promotes hatred should be banned.”

Imtiaz Ahmed and Mahammad Afzal Mirza spoke to a meeting of Ottawa Muslims Saturday to dispute the ‘mosquebusting’ tactics and views of British lawyer Gavin Boby. Full article below the fold.


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Muslim missionaries blast British ‘mosquebusting’ lawyer’s message

OTTAWA CITIZEN — ‘Mosquebusting’ techniques espoused by a well-known British lawyer at an Ottawa speech earlier this month are akin to hate speech and should not have been allowed, a small group from Ottawa’s Muslim community heard at the Ottawa Public Library main branch Saturday.

Gavin Boby, who has gained notoriety for his messages on techniques to prevent the construction of new mosques, spoke at library on Feb. 4.

His criticisms of mosques, and Islam in general, were slammed by Muslim missionaries Saturday, who said Boby’s assessment of their religion and their places of worship is akin to hate speech and should never have been permitted to happen.

“This is a beautiful country filled with beautiful people. We, who have made Canada home, love this country as much as anybody else,” said Muhammad Afzal Mirza, a missionary for the Ahmzdiyaa Muslim Jama’At (AMJ) from the Toronto area.

“How many mosques in this country have created problems? If there is a problem coming out of any place of worship, it should be dealt with.

Boby is the founder of an organization called the Law and Freedom Foundation which is devoted to “resisting the tide of Islam.” He believes, unlike Christian churches, that mosques are “socio-political” and act as a foothold in Western society to advance Islam.

But Afzal Mirza fired back Saturday, saying a mosque is simply a place to pray. He said that in many countries, mosques aren’t necessary and people observing the Islamic religion pray outside or at home.

However, in Canada where the climate isn’t as forgiving, building a place where Muslims can pray together is more important.

He also said, anyone from any religion is welcome to pray at a mosque and questioned Boby’s motives for trying to prohibit the expansion of a place of worship that is about spreading understanding, “peace and love.”

Woodstock & flower power, anybody?

Another AMJ missionary, Imtiaz Ahmed, told the audience that Boby’s claims about Muslim’s being violent and unruly are provocative and untrue. He, called for tolerance from Canadians with regards to religion and quoted Canada’s 13th prime minister, John Diefenbaker, to make his point.

“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind,” said Ahmed.

Very unislamic indeed. Ahmed is slick enough to know that none of that would apply in an Islamic state.

“We should not allow (people like Boby) to come into this country. They are teaching against what the father’s of this country has said.”

Both Ahmed and Mirza called upon the federal government’s recently created Office of Religious Freedom to monitor visits from speakers such as Boby and bar their entrance in Canada should the message they intend to deliver be one of intolerance towards other religions.

“They need to do their job,” said Mirza. “Anyone who promotes hatred should be banned.”

Ban Islam now! If you don’t, you will see rivers of blood in years to come.

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  1. “Islam, islam, Uber Alles!” You’ve GOT TO make that into a song, Sheik!!!

    As for the left-wing pro-muzi Ottawa Shitizen article – I’d have commented there (I live in Ottawa) but the enemedia that runs it has not only switched to using the CIA-owned Fascbook as their comment forum, but in the recent past they’ve engineered “sting” operations to get posters’ IP addresses to give to the local police to monitor as well (most notably when someone was LEGALLY tweeting about our Public Security Czar, Vic Toews,’ own personal life and public-domain divorce records, in an ironic response to his engineering of the not-yet-passed warrantless police surveillance email wiretap bill, which would have destroyed everyone’s freedoms Act). The enemedia is the enemy!

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