Multiculturalism is a corrosive policy that has undermined our society and values

So is moral relativism and Political Correctness, which is hard on the brain:

In terms of the problems facing the nation today, Dr. Carson pointed to moral relativism, telling Beck that “political correctness dictates that there is no right and wrong.”

Moral relativism, as it did with the ancient Romans according to the doctor, causes people to lose their sense of self and value.

“One of the founding pillars of this nation was freedom of speech and freedom of expression and when we give up that freedom by succumbing to political correctness,” Carson said that Americans are allowing that underpinning to be compromised “without debate.”

Political Correctness  is Nothing Less Than Marxist Ideology:

Part I

Part II & III  here

MARK Twain knew a thing or two about political correctness when he said: “Sometimes I wonder whether the world is run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.”

But of course, we know the PC crowd is not having us on. These are smart people who really mean it. Smart because the PC virus has infected so much of what we do, what we read, how we live and how we think.

We now live in an age when “feelings” are treated as a measurement of moral values. We live in what author Monica Ali calls “the marketplace of outrage” where groups vie for victimhood status, each claiming their feelings have been hurt more than others. (Janet Albrechtsen)

This resulted in the Critical Race Theory of Bell and Obama

To understand where CRT comes from, you must know a little about Critical Theory. This was a plan devised by the Frankfurt School in the 1920s. The Frankfurt School was founded in Frankfurt Germany by Marxist academics. Some of the famous members include notable Marxist leaders like Theodore Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, Magnus Hirschfeld, and Max Horkheimer.

 The Great List Of Hate Facts from Blazing Cat Fur (slightly edited for Australia)

If diversity is such a strength why does no one else practice it outside of a few gullible western nations?

Not all cultures are equal

Islam is not a religion of peace

A moratorium should be declared on immigration from Muslim nations

Gypsy culture is noteworthy for its enthusiastic embrace of criminality

We are not obligated to accept  and feed the world’s refugees/Muslims/Africans

Illegal Immigrants and refugees should not be granted the rights of Canadian citizens

Foreign aid is a waste

Are we slaves to provide a carefree livelihood to degenerated Aboriginal tribes?  Tell Aboriginals to stop manipulating the Bank of White Guilt. We owe them nothing.

If you’re not homosexual or a tranny you’re not mentally ill. The “celebration” of their lifestyle choices has no place in the classrooms of our nation.  Homosexuals are 2% of the population, except in elementary schools where they are portrayed as a majority

The UN is a criminal cabal masquerading as an international parliament.

Add your own…..

Now compare the above with the ideology of the Obama machine:

Critical Race Theory:

  1. “Whiteness” is an illegitimate social construct to oppress other people.
  2. “Blackness” is a legitimate social construct to resist oppression.
  3. Black failures is caused by white oppression.
  4. Blacks will continue to fail in life for the foreseeable future and it will be the fault of whites.
  5. The US Constitution does not have the capacity to keep whites from oppressing blacks.
  6. Only a totalitarian Marxist government can correct white oppresion AND/OR
  7. Whites must cease to exist as an identifiable group.

Bell said that he “lives to harass white people.” Bell was a major supporter of Louis Farrakhan. Jeremiah Wright, the man Obama describes as his “mentor,” is also a major Farrakhan backer, as is Michelle Obama.

One thought on “Multiculturalism is a corrosive policy that has undermined our society and values”

  1. Since aboriginal people have been mentioned, and with something like contempt:

    let me quote from John Harris’ history of Christian mission among Aboriginal people in Australia, ‘One Blood’ [the title refers to a passage in the book of Acts; look it up], the story of the first translation of a portion of Christian scripture into Nunggubuyu/ Wubuy of northeastern Arnhem Land.

    “Len Harris, Grace, Bidigainj and Joshua finished Mark’s Gospel in 1945. Soon afterwards, Len Harris read it in the evenings by the campfires beside the Roper River. He did not know that a great aboriginal leader, Madi, was in the audience. When the reading was completed, Madi walked 170 kilometres to Numbulwar/ Rose River, to fetch his own people: “Four canoe-loads of them came down the coast and up the Roper River to the mission a journey which took them two weeks. When they arrived I [recalled Len Harris] got a message, an order really, from Madi, to come and read them that ‘Anambalaman Analawu’, good story. So every night for several nights I read to them by the campfires. On the last night, Madi explained that he had always thought that Jesus was only the white man’s God. “Now I know”, said Mad, “That Jesus can speak Nunggubuyu”.’
    Further: ‘finding that he had a few weeks to spare, Len Harris asked Grace if there was another part of the Bible she would like to have translated:
    “Let’s do Genesis”, she said. I [Len] told her that it was a very big book, but she said she only wanted the first three chapters. ‘They are about the beginning of things,” she said. “You have seen our dances of how the fish came, how the kangaroo came…we are interested in the beginning of things’.
    “So we translated the first three chapters of Genesis and I read them to the people one afternoon. They were very keenly interested. Next morning, everyone was bleary-eyed. I asked Grace if she had slept. “None of us slept”, she said. “We talked all night. I told you we were very interested in the beginnings of things”.’ END QUOTE.

    As for the Gypsies, it might surprise a few people to know that there has been, of late, since somebody about five centuries after the Reformation finally got around to translating the Gospels and other bits of the Bible into some of the Romany languages, and dubbing something called ‘The Jesus Film’, there’s been a bit of a ‘people movement’ of Gypsies into the Evangelical Christian wing of the church, in places as far apart as France and Romania. Not tens or hundreds of people; thousands. The secular press , of course, aren’t interested in reporting on that kind of thing…

    Just sayin’.

    I do not think that those who become Christian through the encounter with the living Word in their mother tongues – be they Nunggubuyu or Arrernte or Aboriginal Kriol speakers in Australia ,or Gypsy in Europe, will necessarily as a result become ‘just like us’ and cease to be ‘different’ in any way at all, melting indistinguishably into the mass of the dominant culture; rather, I think that the faith will redeem and transfigure – and give new life to – their culture and their language, as it did in its interaction with the language and culture of my own long-ago Irish and Scots and Danish and German and English ancestors, but it will not erase it …nor should it be expected to do so.

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