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Hanson-Young is a sanctimonious witch-hunter prone to vilifying others on the basis of crooked or non-existent evidence. She is an enemy of free speech and a proponent of lethally dangerous border policies. The sooner the child senator leaves politics, the healthier for public debate. With luck, that day will come at the next election.  Hanson-Young refuses to apologise for false smear

 Socio-political analysis served up today in The Age:

By leftist wanker writer Anson Cameron:

 I imagine Alan Jones lounging poolside being handfed cress sandwiches by a valet carrying a urinal puck in each pocket for ambience. I imagine Albrechtsen with her battery-powered Howard …  tasering Abbott’s genitals — The Left is Never Sexist   or misogynist….

Poll:  Labor wipeout out West

Anne Summers, still pushing the new sexism that makes the failures of female politicians the fault of wicked men, now claims it’s sexist to predict Julia Gillard will lose:

Is mockery the new misogyny?

By this reasoning, the majority of Labor MPs must also be misogynists. They don’t think they’ll win, either.

Labor’s retreat from the carbon tax begins:

LABOR is considering dissolving the $218 million-a-year Climate Change Department as part of a cost-saving restructure that could see it merged with another government bureaucracy.   $1.6bn a year to make no difference to the climate

Conroy’s pink undies vs Bob Carr’s demands for Free Speech

“We cannot possibly allow News Corporation to own more print or electronic media and that is a top legislative priority”

Free Speech is becoming a cancer in our democracy, says communications minister Conroy.

Its okay for Fiji, says Bob Carr:

Senator Carr said any changes in Fiji towards the restoration of democracy must include robust freedom of expression, association and the media.

Its the Peoples ABC and you are paying for it.