Governor of Tokyo apologises for telling the truth about Islam

That was fast:

TOKYO — The governor of Tokyo apologised to the Muslim world Tuesday after saying Islamic countries have nothing in common but Allah and “fighting with each other”.

Problem identified:

Unlike many other developed countries, largely mono-ethnic Japan does not have a significant Muslim population, and there is little emphasis in the educational curriculum on cultural sensitivity.

I’m sure the UN crooks know how to fix that.

One thought on “Governor of Tokyo apologises for telling the truth about Islam”

  1. Japan will go down fast. The people have swallowed the Western lifestyle and become hopelessly soft and naive. And they are not breeding any fighting stock, just like us.
    Muslims visit Japan with their wretched “halal tourism” and insult the Japanese, surely the cleanest, most polite people in the world, by insisting on separate everything so as not to be sullied by contact with the natives. You would think the Japanese would tell them to “begone” and fast, but instead they want more of it.

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