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“Government is inherently good, that’s why we have a Constitution.”

In the midst of a ham-fisted attempt to characterize the Tea Party as “anarchist” because it wants the size and scope of the corrupt behemoth in Washington brought back under control, Harry Sleaze lets slip possibly the most profoundly false statement of his ignoble career:

“Government is inherently good, that’s why we have a Constitution.”– (Harry Reid)

On the contrary, the Constitution was created explicitly because government is not inherently good, and therefore must be restrained. (Moonbattery)

Could this be… the beginning of the end?

Glenn Beck: Obama is Going to Get Impeached!

So far he got away with murder. I see no signs of a shakedown.

Claim: State Department Preventing Benghazi Whistle-Blowers From Getting Legal Representation

“The administration is going to do everything it can to stop them from testifying under oath in public.”—Read More »

Lawyer: Obama administration officials threatened whistle-blowers on Benghazi

Telling the truth is a career-ender in the Obama Administration. “Obama administration officials threatened whistle-blowers on Benghazi, lawyer says,” by James Rosen for FoxNews.com, April 29:

At least four career officials at the State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency have retained lawyers or are in the process of doing so, as they prepare to provide sensitive information about the Benghazi attacks to Congress, Fox News has learned.Victoria Toensing, a former Justice Department official and Republican counsel to the Senate Intelligence Committee, is now representing one of the State Department employees. She told Fox News her client and some of the others, who consider themselves whistle-blowers, have been threatened by unnamed Obama administration officials.

“I’m not talking generally, I’m talking specifically about Benghazi – that people have been threatened,” Toensing said in an interview Monday. “And not just the State Department. People have been threatened at the CIA.”

Toensing declined to name her client. She also refused to say whether the individual was on the ground in Benghazi on the night of Sept. 11, 2012, when terrorist attacks on two U.S. installations in the Libyan city killed four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens.

However, Toensing disclosed that her client has pertinent information on all three time periods investigators consider relevant to the attacks: the months that led up to the attack, when pleas by the ambassador and his staff for enhanced security in Benghazi were mostly rejected by senior officers at the State Department; the eight-hour time frame in which the attacks unfolded, and the eight-day period that followed the attacks, when Obama administration officials incorrectly described them as the result of a spontaneous protest over a video.

“It’s frightening, and they’re doing some very despicable threats to people,” she said. “Not ‘we’re going to kill you,’ or not ‘we’re going to prosecute you tomorrow,’ but they’re taking career people and making them well aware that their careers will be over [if they cooperate with congressional investigators].”…

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  1. Obamas not going to be impeached, ever, NO President will ever be..

    Remember Mr ‘I did not have sexual relations with that woman’ Clinton? What happened to him? even till this day he’s treated like royalty.. Pfft talk about land of the corrupt.

  2. Ironside,you are SO right! When Clinton appears on talk shows,the silly, depraved females drool all over him. We live in a nearly totally corrupt and degenerate society. I say nearly,because there are some who are not part of it,but they have no voice in the Leftest controlled media.
    It’s a very sad state of affairs when the likes of Clinton and Obama are the Nation’s heroes.

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