I’m suffering from Muselmanophobia:

Two More Arrested in Bloody Beheading in London suburb #woolwich (Atlas)

article_49ef84927a663761_1369345380_9j-4aaqskDrummer Rigby, a keen football fan who followed Manchester United FC, was just starting his Army career and had recently fought in Afghanistan with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

 Scum of the earth:

UK Muslim community fears backlash in wake of London attack

Muslims in UK express anxiety that Wednesday’s attack in London could generate further Islamophobic reprisals by domestic far-right groups

“Sick & twisted minds”

Enza Ferrari sees a ray of hope:

Cowardly Swine

Telegraph publishes falsehoods about Qur’an in attempt to clear Islam of responsibility for London jihad murder

Note what Mehdi Hasan leaves out of his Qur’an quotation. “The Muslim faith does not turn men to terror: The two suspects in the Woolwich killing were violating the doctrine of their own holy book,” by Mehdi Hasan in the Telegraph, May 23 (thanks to JW)

 Cowardly Cocksucker of the Month: London Mayor Boris Johnson

“Warped and Deluded” MInd of London Mayor Boris Johnson: “Islam and UK Policy Not to Blame” for Jihadist Beheading

‘One obvious point, it is completely wrong to blame this killing on Islam but also wrong to draw a link between this murder and British foreign policy,’ Mr Johnson said on Thursday morning.

2 thoughts on “Backlashphobia”

  1. Vigilance urged for Muslims in Switzerland

    The Islamic Central Council of Switzerland is cautioning increased vigilance among Switzerland’s Muslim community following the murder of a soldier in the United Kingdom.

    The calls from the Muslim group come after a soldier was beheaded yesterday on a busy London street by what are believed to be Islamist terrorists. After the murder, one of the perpetrators reportedly spoke to witnesses, warning “We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you until you leave us alone.”

    British media report that backlash attacks on Muslims increased as a result of the crime.

    Now Switzerland’s Islamic Central Council fears reprisals may happen here. They are warning Muslims to be more vigilant and arm themselves.

    They suggest pepper spray which is a legal form of defense

  2. “British media report that backlash attacks on Muslims increased as a result of the crime.”

    Wot, sheiks damaging their own mosques like Sheik Hilali did? As I said elsewhere: “their” ABC has mentioned the word “muslim” only in the context of them being backlashed against. Any minute now they will blame the Jews and wotnot for the beheading of the young English soldier and dad in a street of London in full daylight.


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