French Police Arrest Muslim Convert in Stabbing of French Soldier

Convert, revert, pervert, terrorist assassin:

Funny how Islam impacts the psyche of spiritual seekers, which has nothing to do with Islam. Makes sense?

No. It doesn’t:

Sources close to the investigation said the 22-year-old man has been a follower of a “traditionalist even radical Islam for the last three or four years”. 

The man’s imam should be asked to explain how this follower was radicalised and what steps the mosque is taking to prevent others from being radicalised, too. This practice should become standard with all such incidents. Let the imam explain his own role (Andrew Bolt)

France: Convert to Islam arrested in stabbing attack on French soldier

Yet another convert to Islam misunderstands the religion that we must affirm as peaceful on pain on charges on “Islamophobia.” Yet Muslims in France have no program to teach converts to Islam to reject the understanding of Islam that they ostensibly reject. And no one ever ponders the implications of that.

“French Police Arrest Suspect in Attack on Soldier,” by Steven Erlanger for the New York Times, May 29 (thanks to JW):

PARIS — French police on Wednesday arrested a 22-year-old man in connection with the stabbing on Saturday of a French soldier in a Paris suburb, with officials describing the suspect as a fairly recent convert to Islam.

French Interior Minister Manuel Valls said in a statement that the suspect was arrested Wednesday morning in the Yvelines region just west of Paris, following the stabbing of Pvt. Cédric Cordiez in the neck from behind with a short-bladed knife. The attack took place in the shopping mall and underground transportation hub of La Défense, west of Paris.

Officials said at the time that the attack seemed an echo of the killing and stabbing to death of a British soldier on a London street last week.

The French suspect was known to investigators, Mr. Valls said, but he urged caution and said: “I cannot talk about radical Islam.” He said investigators wanted to know more about the suspect’s “motivation, background and family environment.”


The willful blindness is as strong as ever.

The police said he was identified thanks to video footage from the crime and traces of his DNA found on items left at the scene in a plastic bag, including a knife and a bottle.On the French television channel i>TELE, Mr. Valls warned of a growing number of young radicals in France similar to Mohammed Merah, the Islamist gunman who killed seven people in and around the southwestern city of Toulouse last year.

Mr. Valls said there are “several dozen, perhaps several hundred, potential Merahs in our country,” saying young French Muslims were being “radicalized” on the Internet and by extremist imams.

He told Le Figaro newspaper that “no fewer than 120 French jihadists’’ were involved in fighting in Syria and about 60 percent of them were allied with Al Qaeda fighters. He said that about 30 had returned to France and were under surveillance by the French authorities.

The attacker, described by the police at the time as bearded and tall, approached Private Cordiez from behind while he was on patrol with two colleagues, stabbed him in the neck and then disappeared into a crowd. Sources close to the investigation have said to French news agencies that the suspect was seen on video praying a few minutes before the attack and that he was “a young, recently converted Islamist’’ already known to the police for his strong religious convictions and who had committed petty crimes in the past. But the same sources said that there was no indication of any tendency toward violence in his behavior….