We are importing a very big social problem.

Importing a hostile Mohammedan proletariat to replace the natives didn’t work too well over in EUrabia, but our social engineers downunder will tell you that “Australia is different”, although we have all the signs and symptoms of the same malaise.

Importing beggars

Andrew Bolt

A consequence of Labor’s new “compassionate” border policies, which left the door wide open:
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A new underclass of 100,000 asylum seekers, living on as little as $220 a week and with no rights to work, could be created in just five years if current trends continue.

Charities have warned they are unable to cope with the rising tide of impoverished asylum seekers, with one centre in Melbourne’s south-east closing its doors to new clients after being ‘’swamped’’ with requests for food aid…

Since October 2011, 16,477 people have been released on bridging visas while their claims for protection are considered. Of these, 7256 are subject to the government’s no-advantage policies, meaning they have no rights to work and are eligible for just 89 per cent of the dole – about $220 a week.

Immigration Department secretary Martin Bowles insisted at a parliamentary hearing on Tuesday there had been no ‘’freeze’’ on processing asylum seekers’ refugee applications – even though not one of the 19,760 who arrived after August 13 has had their claim processed.

We are importing a very big social problem.

3 thoughts on “We are importing a very big social problem.”

  1. It would seem that Australia is destined to follow the demise of all other “Western” countries as it’s ruling elite, MSM and academia are infected by the same PC Multi-culti dogma as their fellow travelers in Europe and North America. The question is, who will take over, Islam or Asia? Gillard and her ilk seem to favour Asia (China?) but the final outcome is still up for grabs. The “White” indigenous or old Australian birthrate is on a par with the “Western” norm and as China has recently become the prime source for immigrants, it seems reasonable to assume that the European base population will become a minority in the next few decades. Once this majority is lost the new majority will be looking at their ancestral homelands, north or west, not Europe, to consolidate their dominant position. Enjoy the “Lucky Country” whilst you still can.

  2. Without a complete 180 degree turn about by the Australian’s, the nation of Australia is as of now a lost nation and not only can not, but will not be the home of the old guard Australian.
    Like the United States and so called NATO allies, it is a shame that the military of Australia have to go and fight Islam while their home land is being systematically invaded by that same enemy.
    Australian’s will be living at the same level as the Aborigines.
    A lesson learned I guess, but too damned late!

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