UK: Dhimmi Establishment Cracks Down On “Islamophobia”

Nothing easier than that.

After Latest Terrorist Atrocity, British Authorities Crack Down on Islamophobia

After Islamic savages beheaded British soldier Lee Rigby on a London street in broad daylight near the Royal Artillery Barracks, the authorities whose liberal policies have swamped the country with unassimilable Third World welfare colonists are finally taking action. They are cracking down … on people who don’t like Islam:

A 22-year-old man has been charged on suspicion of making malicious comments on Facebook following the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby.  (Moonbattery)

British Police Arrest 10th Suspect in Horrific Woolwich Terror Attack

All of ’em ‘lone wolfs’ no doubt. Nothing to do with Islam, as usual. Note how quick AP jumps to the real problem:

“The killing in London has fed a spike in anti-Muslim sentiment in Britain, with police and activists reporting a surge in hate crimes, including violence and vandalism.”

British Police Arrest 10th Suspect in Horrific Woolwich Terror Attack

LONDON (TheBlaze/AP) — Police on Monday arrested a 10th suspect in connection with the vicious killing of an off-duty British soldier on a London street in an apparent terrorist attack by Islamic extremists. A 50-year-old  (Musel-)man– Read More »

British officials knew for two years that London jihad murderer had ties to al-Qaeda

But don’t be concerned: his rights weren’t infringed upon. He was still able to roam London streets with a meat cleaver, looking for a kaffir to hack to death.  “British Officials Knew Suspect in Soldier’s Death Had Ties to Al Qaeda,” by John F. Burns in the New York Times, May 26 (thanks to JW):

 Good Dhimmi!

BBC Editor Apologizes For Originally Identifying London Terrorist As Having A “Muslim Appearance”… (he didn’t have to apologise for his, not yet…..)

“Islam” spray-painted on war memorials in London parks

Islamic supremacist graffiti in the wake of the jihad beheading of a British soldier on a London street. “Vandals deface war memorials in London parks,” from the BBC, May 27 (thanks to JW):



The protestors from generation identiaire seems to have been arrested: Rita is on the case:

Police await the “Identitaires” .. photo via twitter – just a few minutes ago.  If only they would protect the French people against the real danger, the arabs/muslims as passionately as they seem to go against the peaceful (if persistance) young “Identitaires”>
Les identitaires are the young(ish) group who recently occupied a mosque (for which they are actually being prosecuted) This weekend they occupy the seat of the PS (Socialist Party – Government) and demand the demission of President Hollande.  They have just posted these pictures on Twitter a few minutes ago. One of the messages read  “on tient le coup”  (we are hanging in there).  

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  1. Just like in Sweden, where the cops prevented the owners of the cars the muzis were torching from stopping them – and the next day, ticketed the burnt out husks of the cars, for good measure! Soon it will be time to let the cops either take off their uniforms and rejoin humanity, or continue to stand with the moslem criminal extortionists and their liberal enablers, against us.

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