UK: Lee Rigby’s murder may change history

The murder that may change history

The murder this week of British soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, a working-class district of London, may be one of those incidents that move history.

It should.

EDL March: Wave Upon Wave Of Patriots And Native Locals March In Newcastle’s Streets 25/05/2013!!


In Wake of London Beheading, EDL Marches for Freedom; Media, Leftists and Islamic Supremacists Attack

Pamela Geller:


The repercussions will echo down through the years, affecting British politics, immigration, attitudes to Europe, possibly the survival of Britain as now constituted, and the social progress of Asian and African minorities there where immigrants now comprise 11.9 per cent of the population.

These things, which were in flux, may now transit to turmoil. And Prime Minister David Cameron’s differences with his own Conservative Party could lead to his ousting, unless he can use the murder as a kind of call to order in his rebellious ranks.

There are two big but related issues that have already roiled British politics and now may be forced to a head. The first is immigration. Always a thorny issue for Conservatives, it has been front and centre since a big victory in local elections this month by the upstart United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) led by Nigel Farage.

Farage’s platform is anti-immigration, not only from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean but also from the European Union. He calls for Britain to leave the EU and essentially seal Britain’s borders against all comers. UKIP’s local government success led backbench Conservatives – more than 100 of them – to seek an immediate referendum on Britain’s leaving Europe. They were joined in support by Tory grandees, who had previously supported the Prime Minister.

One way or another, things will be harder for immigrants, no matter when their families arrived in Britain. These divide essentially into long-time immigrant groups from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean – and Eastern Europeans, allowed in as a result of EU labour laws.

There is also a sharp division between Muslim immigrants and those who practise other religions. Muslim immigration has grown to the point of domination in some areas – such as Bradford, in the north of England, and Birmingham in the Midlands. Muslim immigrants – now 4.8 per cent of the population, and Islam the second-largest religion after Christianity in Britain – have established states within their adopted state with Islamic education, very visible mosques, and a palpable sense of their homelands being where they came from ancestrally, rather than where they live now.

The internet and mobile phones have made this duality easier to practise. Sadly, the Muslim community in Britain has prospered far less than the Hindu community, where millionaires and some billionaires abound.

If you prefer jihad on the dole and  prevent women from gainful employment to use them as breeding stock instead you will not prosper.

British resentment of the Muslims extends to the treatment of women, halal slaughter of animals, instances of honour killings and many foiled terrorist plots since the subway bombing of 2005.

In Qatar, I ran into a young English Muslim woman wearing a veil and dressed in traditional Arabic clothing. Hearing her speak, I said: ”Hi, you’re English.” She rounded on me, replying angrily that although she was born and raised in England, that did not make her English.

If you told her she was not English she would have reacted angrily too and told you the opposite.

Understandably, this active refusal to assimilate breeds resentment among the Anglos. The trouble is everyone of colour is assumed to be Muslim in the eyes of many of the Anglos, and the working class in particular. Hence the rise of right-wing extremists, such as the skinheads and the fascistic British National Party, and the more seductive UKIP. The Labour and Liberal parties are sidelined for now, without the visceral appeal that the Tories feel they may have ceded to the UKIP.

Meanwhile, there is another shadow on the horizon: Scottish nationalists may push their own referendum on whether to leave the United Kingdom. Their leader, Alex Salmond, sees trouble in the south as opportunity in the north.

If things go really badly, Cameron could be seen in history as the prime minister who lost both Europe and Scotland – or rallied the country and saved the day.

The murder in Woolwich, ghastly in its barbarity, will have consequences beyond that place. (It should.)

Llewellyn King is executive producer and host of White House Chronicle on America’s Public Broadcasting Service, and a syndicated newspaper columnist.

I’m posting Pamela’s  whole blog entry here, because its good:

The EDL held a pro-freedom demo today against racism and bigotry, and as if on cue, the haters and the fascists turned out to harass, provoke and agitate. Every time British patriots rally for freedom, the leftist fascists and Islamic supremacists call for a violent response: Oppose the EDL tomorrow 2pm Downing street, Westminster London.

Freedom is bigotry now. Thousands of EDL freedom lovers included women, children, veterans, Sikhs, gays ….. defenders of freedom.

The violent opposition, the Orwellian named “anti-fascist groups,” only attracted a hundred or so haters, who threw missiles and bottles.

The media always shapes these attacks as “clashes.”

Amongst those at the EDL gathering was Ben Roberts, a former soldier waving a flag of St George and wearing service medals from Iraq and Afghanistan.

“I am here to show that we stand together against the killers of Lee Rigby. It seems that there is one law today for Muslims and one for everyone else,” he said, adding that other ex-service personnel were also present. “I’ve had it with parties like Labour and the Conservatives,” said Roberts, who identified himself as a Ukip voter.

The blood of Rigby is still fresh on the streets of Woolwich and the enemedia is in full attack mode.

The Huff Po warns, “Woolwich Killing: Most Think EDL Actions ‘Make Terror Attacks More Likely'” 

The Guardian‘s headline, EDL protesters blame Islam for Woolwich attack.” Who does the Guardian blame? The Joooos?

And every media account describes the EDL as “far-right.” So now freedom is a marginalized movement advanced by the “far-right.” What is the far-right? Hitler was far-left, so just what is the media’s reference point on this?

The media is going down in flames — self-immolation.

From Eric Dondero:

Mostly well-behaved blokes, much to the great disappointment of the media who were hoping for violent protests. The English Defense League held a massive march in protest of racism by Islamists on native Brits on Saturday in New Castle.

Note especially the cooperative attitude with police, even EDL officials with bright yellow vests “EDL Steward,” to assist the police with crowd control. Also of note, homosexuals were invited to participate in the EDL march. The gay rainbow flag can be seen twice in the video, once at the 14 second mark, and then a few seconds later. Muslims have been particular vicious in harassing gays on London streets. The EDL on the other hand, embrace homosexuals within their ranks.

UPDATE: Telegraph video:

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Media, Leftists and Islamic Supremacists Attack” »

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