5 Gang Rapes Per Week in Belgium

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5 Gang Rapes Per Week in Belgium

 Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

In 2012, 232 women were the victims of gang rape. That is an average of 5 per week. This is what emerges from a parliamentary question posed by the Vlaams Belang MP Peter Logghe. Experts note that the figure should be higher because some of the victims lack the courage to go to police stations and file a complaint. In addition, between 2009, and 2011, no prosecutions resulted from 44% of the complaints of gang rape that were made.

Source: Novopress

There is no information on the ethnicity or religion of the perpetrators. But other data shows that gang rape is an overwhelmingly interracial phenomenon. The crime was virtually unknown in Europe before mass immigration began. It requires a sundering of the bonds of empathy that is difficult to achieve in a group of male perpetrators absent the empathy gap resulting from genetic dissimilitude. Of course, Mohammedanism goes beyond that in granting moral sanction to the crime.

2 thoughts on “5 Gang Rapes Per Week in Belgium”

  1. This data echoes that in Scandinavian countries where muslims dominate the statistics as perpetrators of violent sexually related crimes against women and children.

  2. Since there is no data regarding the ethnicity of the rapists, we can only surmise. In the meantime, people from all communities that have lost their sense of decency can sink into such depravity. Such loss of decency can occur in any non-Bible-believing, God-less community. Many Scandinavian countries had turned away from God long before opening their borders to Muslims.

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