“There won’t be any hateful messages under a government I lead”

“Death to Islam” verboten:

The Gillard goose is cracking down on soldiers who are suspected of sending ‘hateful messages’ about our enemies:

Australian Defence Force personnel, paramedics and a rural firefighter have been caught posting racist and religious slurs on social media pages.


Butchering our military, our finances and free speech.

“Racist scandals”

The postings from soldiers and sailors are the latest in a string of racist scandals to have hit the Australian Defence Force over the past decade, including soldiers dressing like the Ku Klux Klan and racist and sexist Facebook groups.  (Pranks are “racist scandals?)

Soldiers not allowed to say ”Kill em all.”

Another serving soldier, who had been the subject of a complaint to Defence in the past two weeks, was again posting comments on Friday about Muslims, saying: ”Kill em all.”

 No Free Speech

A NSW rural firefighter said: ”We as Australians have a ‘CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT’ to freedom of speech. But you go ahead and voice your opinion and the government say it is wrong. SO I sayd [sic] F— the government Send all the f—ing Muslims back to their own country and then nuke the place. No more problems with the c—s.”

This gubmint has money to spy on our soliders, but none for defence.

A Defence spokeswoman confirmed the Office of the Inspector-General of Defence was investigating the allegations of inappropriate comments made by Defence members.

”If any investigation determines that inappropriate behaviour has occurred, the matter will be referred to the relevant service for action.”

The executive director of the Australian Defence Association, Neil James, said such behaviour would be disappointing, given that the ADF was so strong on its social media policy. ”When you are fighting a war in complex human terrain – among people – it is not clever to be giving them things they can use as propaganda against you; it is also not looking after your mates,” he said.

ADF investigations will also examine comments, such as ”Death to Islam”, which were posted by a man wearing what appeared to be an Australian army uniform.

3 thoughts on ““There won’t be any hateful messages under a government I lead””

  1. ‘Hitler had only one brass ball
    Ger-ring had two, but very small.
    Himmler had something similar
    While poor old Go-balls had no balls at all.’
    There once was a time when going to war meant ‘We win. You lose” (to paraphrase the magnificent Ronald Reagan) and it was simply assumed that the enemy would be criticised, denigrated and satirised. Otherwise you were considered a traitor, and people were shot for committing Treason. So how is that warm and fuzzy twenty-first century battle for hearts and minds working out for the Free World?

  2. # The joys of policing enriched areas, as the elites deny the existence of gangs and other problems …

    Top brass angry at racist police stubby holders

    About 50 of the drink coolers are believed to have been distributed amongst officers at the Sunshine Police Station.

    The stubby holders have references to mudfish ….

  3. When I was at university our lecturer told us of the joys of multiculturalism, one being that no other countries would attack us because their people were living here.
    Silly, eh?
    What about: we can’t attack even our enemies because everyone in the world, good or bad, is our friend?

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