Allahu snackbar!


Tim Blair – Friday, June 14, 2013

When someone hails Allah while killing a British soldier and quotes the Koran to justify their murderous act, the ABC isn’t immediately convinced that an Islamic component is involved. As one ABC operative subsequently demanded:

“What proof do you have that these crimes were even carried out by a Muslim man or in the name of the religion?”

Well, none at all. Apart from the fact it was carried out by a Muslim man in the name of his religion. But our verification-obsessed national billion-dollar broadcaster isn’t quite so fussed about facts when it come to a local menu scandal:

The ABC failed to alter its reporting to reflect the dramatic change in the “menu” scandal story as the substance behind the claims fell away on Wednesday evening.

While other media outlets chose to report that restaurant owner Joe Richards had mocked-up the menu himself, and that it was seen only by him and his son, the ABC’s Leigh Sales still led her introduction to 7.30 with the “shocking sexist misstep by a prominent Coalition MP” …

Hours later, Lateline’s Emma Alberici also led the program with the old story.

“An obscene description of the Prime Minister’s body on a menu at a Liberal Party fundraiser has further fuelled the so-called gender wars,” she opened …

It was persistent and misleading tweets from the ABC’s Latika Bourke which contributed to confusion about the timeline …

Bourke yesterday continued to claim on Twitter that Mr Brough “knew” of the menu. She did not respond to questions put by this newspaper.

Mr Brough also said he thought it “extraordinary” that the ABC largely ignored the new information.

Liberal MPs should convert to Islam and forever dwell within the broadcaster’s safety zone.