Tommy Robinson gets a boost from FOX

FOX News host Brian Kilmeade tells English Defence League leader, Tommy Robinson, “We got your back” and “it’s great what you’re doing.”Thanks to Barenaked


Kilmeade offered his endorsement to the English Defence League (EDL) and co-founder Tommy Robinson, who appeared on Kilmeade’s Fox News Radio show June 10th. Kilmeade’s support followed an interview in which Robinson warned of Muslims ‘forcefully putting us under Sharia’ and planning to implement Sharia in the UK and across the world.


Here is the full interview:

h/t Media Matters

And here’s what he has to put up with in the UK:

A Stalinist show trial: Tommy Robinson on the BBC

In this BBC segment, the EDL’s Tommy Robinson gets the treatment that the mainstream media reserves for those it hates the most: opponents of jihad and Islamic supremacism. The audience is completely stacked against him, he is berated, vilified, smeared, and accused — and no one ever bothers to answer his repeated question, “What exactly have I said here that is racist?”

This is “journalism” in the West today.

Headline thanks to Pamela Geller.

4 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson gets a boost from FOX”

  1. I am so glad Kilmeade said that to Tommy. I was very disappointed when O’Reilly interviewed him. O’Reilly treats creeps like Grouse or Hasan better than the grilling he gave to Tommy. Although I was very proud of Tommy because he didn’t back down and basically was very articulate and gave outstanding responses to each question. I remember that I stood up and clapped for Tommy.

  2. I was impressed with Tommy’s aplomb and noticed that O’Reilly did not interrupt him once, — very unusual for him.

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