Aussie Taxpayer Dollars at Work

Sickening. The Christians in Malaysia are not allowed to use the word ‘allah’, their churches are firebombed, the Chinese are (dhimmi) -milking cows for  Mohammedan pimps, and the Indians are treated like slaves. Buddhists and Hindus are being murdered and Bob Carr, that A$$hole, goes sucking up as if he was their poodle dog.

“Aussie group” to promote cultural understanding

The joint programme was mooted by Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr during his visit here last November, as part of a regional campaign to promote better cultural understanding.

A complete and utter waste to make Muslims feel good about themselves:
Cultural Trash @ The Star (thanks to Mullah)

PETALING JAYA: Six Australian youth leaders are in town to enhance cultural and social understanding with Malaysia.

The programme, under Malaysia’s initiative Global Movements of Moderates Foundation, was aimed at highlighting the concept of moderation practised by Malaysia as mooted by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

The delegation was received by Senate secretary Datuk Zamani Sulaiman at Parliament House here yesterday.

Women at Islamic Council of Victoria executive member Azmeena Hussain gave the thumbs up to the progress and the direction of women’s rights in Malaysia.

“It is great to see that women are well-represented both in the House and Senate level and have equal opportunity in the work force.”

<b>Sharing ideas:</b> Zamani (centre) listening to the Australian delegates (from left) Azmeena, Maryum Chaudry, Kashif Bouns, Asraf Naim, Dr Ghena and Yasmin Abdel-Magied at a press conference at Parliament House.
Sharing ideas: Zamani (centre) listening to the Australian delegates (from left) Azmeena, Maryum Chaudry, Kashif Bouns, Asraf Naim, Dr Ghena and Yasmin Abdel-Magied at a press conference at Parliament House.

Another delegate, Dr Ghena Krayem, lecturer of law at the University of Sydney, said the concept of multiculturalism in Malaysia could be used as a model to other countries as the nation was committed to preserving and respecting the heritage of its people.

“Malaysia and Australia both have many cultural and religious linguistic groups and both countries share the same model in preserving the heritage and having the commitment to respect all the groups,” she said.

The delegation from Australia visited various government agencies, institutes and various representatives from non-governmental organisations. The joint programme was mooted by Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr during his visit here last November, as part of a regional campaign to promote better cultural understanding.

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  1. Ask non muslims about what they think of the multiculturalism model in Malaysia!!!!! These bimbos do not represent Australia, and I would not want my tax dollars wasted on this rubbish!

  2. Remember previous Malaysian PM Dr Mahatir calling Aussies the “white trash of Asia”? Malaysia also persecutes Christians and treats them as second class citizens. In 2012 Malaysian senator Ezam Mohammed Nor called for Jihad against unbelievers during Ramadan.
    Maybe Bob Carr will apply the rules of Dhimmitude in Australia to learn from Malaysia’s Multi Culti experience?

    And why would Malaysian Christians want to use the word Allah for God in their Bibles? No wonder they are in trouble.
    Allah is Satan in the Bible. YHWH is God.
    Praying to Allah is breaking the greatest commandment of Moses.

  3. Indonesian president vows to outgun Australia

    Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono says his country should strive to have a more powerful military than Australia.

    About 16,000 Indonesian troops are preparing for joint military exercises in East Java.

    Meeting with military commanders, Mr Yudhoyono told them that Indonesia’s military should be bigger and more modern than countries like Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.

    Indonesia’s military boasts 470,000 active troops, while the Australian Defence Force has just over 80,000 full-time personnel and reservists..

    It has also embarked on a military upgrade program, building warships and drones, as well buying fighter jets, helicopters and rockets.

  4. What a waste of time and money.Most Indians and Chinese (non muslims) would like to leave Malaysia.They are treated as second class citizens.They are positively discriminated against in business,property ownership, education,(why are so many going to Australia to study),religious practice (see below).

    The prime minister of Malaysia can say he celebrates religious diversity and celebrates the freedom to worship, but the reality on the ground is different.There are restriction on building churches in Malaysia.

    Allah is God in Malay langauge.So it is proper use of the word in Malay.

    “Christians were “greatly disillusioned, fed up and angered by the repeated detention of Bibles,” the federation said in a statement. “It would appear as if the authorities are waging a continuous, surreptitious and systematic program against Christians in Malaysia to deny them access to the Bible” in the Malay language. ”

  5. Sheik i’d say to the Indos bring it on. They’re piss weak. They’re only good against defenceless woman, elderly and children. See how they ran over the border in East Timor when our troops hit the ground.

    Once again it’s just the Indos dribbling shit and talking big they know they’ve got no balls to do ANYTHING to us EVER!

  6. Sending a bunch of muslims living in Australia is certainly misrepresenting Australian culture.

    If they want to go there – they should pay – otherwise it’s yet another case of tards imposing themselves on Australian generosity.

  7. There use to be an add on TV for Malaysia stating
    “Malaysia!! Truely Asia” What a wank!!
    Malaysia!! Truely Dhimmi!!
    F Malaysia!!
    F Islam!!

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