Taxi jihad: cabby rapes teenager, dhimmi journaillie reports ‘Taxi drivers sickened’

Spot the BS:

The complicit dhimmi journo Kate Stenhouse from the Nottingham Post  claims “Taxi drivers ‘are sickened’ after cabbie sexually assaults teenage passenger”–

Not a word about the teenage passenger being sickened by the assault.

Nassear Ahmed, chairman of Nottingham’s Hackney Association:

“We would like to reassure the public of Nottingham that travelling by Hackney cab is safe and I speak for all our drivers in our disgust and dismay at this incident.”

Meanwhile, the keystone cops are out investigating ‘hate-crimes’, like graffiti on the sidewalk.

 The town’s MP Richard Harrington, described the act as “appalling”.  Mr Harrington commended Watford Borough Council for moving quickly to blur out the word Quran.


3 thoughts on “Taxi jihad: cabby rapes teenager, dhimmi journaillie reports ‘Taxi drivers sickened’”

  1. ‘Asian’ is code for ‘Muslim’ in the green and pleasant land, isn’t it? But spare a thought for the English lady who lost her job when she ordered a cab to transport her twelve year old daughter somewhere, and had the temerity to tell the cab company not to send a Muslim driver. The mother was universally vilified, as I recall, as well as being sacked from her job. But maybe the mother’s fears had some foundation after all, n’est ce pas?

  2. Gray,
    Can you pass some links to where the issue of the mother loosing her job is discussed. It seems rather Orwellian and action on this issue needs to be taken so – some references please.

    On the other hand – the taxi driver was a muslim – and the other muslims are protecting it. What would you expect in a muslim community that has been coercing vulnerable non-muslim children into prostitution for their own profit.

    Incidentally, the taxis services in Melbourne are a disaster, and it is precisely because moronic mohammedans have saturated the cab ranks that the problems are occuring.

  3. The article about the graffiti in the Watford Observer just shows how sad a country Britain has become. Why the hell is this non story in ANY newspaper FFS????????/

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