True story!

Daniel Greenfield/ also known as Sultan Knish:

The Globe and Mail conducts an interview with UKIP’s Nigel Farage as if it can’t quite believe that a man who opposed wolves, still opposes wolves… even after wolves mauled an entire classroom full of children.

“Yes, but you still oppose wolves?”


“Even after all the children that the wolves ate?”


“But why?”

“Because wolves… children… classroom… ate.”

From the tone of the interview, you would think that a Muslim immigrant had just cured cancer, instead of two second-generation immigrants who converted to Islam hacking a British soldier to death in broad daylight.

Media Baffled that Anti-Immigration UK Party is Still Anti-Immigration Despite London Murder

One thought on “CLASSROOM, ATE, WOLVES”

  1. Leftists unite against sanity, you have nothing to lose but your lives to being beheaded by violent jihadis!

    Leftists want to make it “illegal” to accuse these criminals (moslems) of their crimes, if doing so might offend them by hurting their feelings with the often painful Truth, thus “making” them commit even MORE crimes! In stead, they insist, we must all learn to Submit to becoming better victims! It’s just the right thing to do!

    Liberals are perverse masochists, who assume that immediately Submitting to and compromising with any and all threats gives them the illusion of control and of maintaining the imaginary “moral high ground,” like this: “Since you (moslems) say you’re better than me, then it’s all your fault, and if it’s all your fault, then none of it’s my fault, so I’m still better than you! Whee!”

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