French Firms Confronted With Rising Muslim Demands in the Workplace

Soldiers of allah demand special accommodation for Mohammedan mores. Not only in the workplace:

(Reuters) – Close to half the staff managers at companies in French urban areas have seen problems arising from religious demands by employees and expect them to increase in future, according to a new study issued on Tuesday.

Listing faith-related problems, the new study said some men refused to take orders from a woman boss or shake hands with women and some refused to handle alcohol or pork products.

Other problems include employees wanting to pray or wear religious garb at work. Some employees try to impose their religious standards on colleagues, such as preventing non-observant Muslims from eating at work during Ramadan.

One thought on “French Firms Confronted With Rising Muslim Demands in the Workplace”

  1. The Hedaya, the Haneefite maddhab fiqh sharia compendium translated into English by the British Raj government in Bengal over 220 years ago, clearly states moslems can buy, sell, and transport both alcohol and pork products to infidels for monetary remuneration. Haneefite sharia was also adopted as the basis of the legal code for the entire Ottoman empire, so ALL the moslem countries were subject to it for centuries; so this is not some great unknown mystery to these moslem complainers even today!

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