“Middle-class Iranian asylum-seekers arrive in Christmas Island barely a week after leaving Tehran and exhibit an aggressive “entitlement mentality”.

“Middle-class Iranian asylum-seekers arrive in Christmas Island barely a week after leaving Tehran and exhibit an aggressive “entitlement mentality”.

Hmm, we are in demand. Especially since we’re a

 “Land of misogyny and “dinosaurs”:


We’re being gamed by illegal immigrants

Andrew Bolt:  Boat people policy

We are being exploited by what the Press Council warns journalists not to call “illegal immigrants”:

AUSTRALIA’S refugee determination process has broken down completely, admitting large numbers of people whose claims to refugee status are fraudulent.

The claims come from a former senior Immigration Department official who says the system favours those who tell lies over those who tell the truth, is easily scammed and has become utterly dysfunctional.

“Having considerable experience interviewing and assessing boat arrival claims, I can confidently say … that we are approving large numbers of people who are fabricating claims,” he wrote in an unpublished account of the process, obtained by The Weekend Australian…

The Weekend Australian also interviewed a former member of the Refugee Review Tribunal, who …  said that asylum-seekers on Christmas Island told him they had simply copied their claims from other applicants who had been successful.

The former tribunal member said that transcripts of court cases in which asylum-seeker appeals had been upheld circulated widely on Christmas Island so that claimants, and their advocates, could see what testimony had been successful.

“I would sometimes receive a completely compelling story that was impossible to refuse,” the former tribunal member said. “The problem is I would receive 100 other identical stories with only the names changed.”…

He also reported that middle-class Iranian asylum-seekers often arrived in Christmas Island barely a week after leaving Tehran and exhibited an aggressive “entitlement mentality”.


5 thoughts on ““Middle-class Iranian asylum-seekers arrive in Christmas Island barely a week after leaving Tehran and exhibit an aggressive “entitlement mentality”.”

  1. The problem is that even if the Iranian asylum application is refused, the Australian government cant send these people back to Iran as the Iranian government would not accept them. So all Iranians will either spend a long time at Christmas island or will be released in to Australia

  2. There are ways to return invading Muslims, be it from Iran or any other place. All we lack is a will.

    Our government is derelict in its duty to protect, the social contract between the people and those entrusted with our security is broken; this is a pressing matter that needs to be corrected.

    Why should we as an non-muslim nation accommodate Muslim people who pass through several Islamic countries on their way here when these countries have a religious obligation to shelter them?

    And finally, are these people fleeing from Islam, or are they on a mission to make us Islamic?

  3. In my country India, even if a fishermen of a neighboring country accidentally cross the water border and is caught by the navy, he is considered as a threat to the nation and will spend a very long time in our prison.

    There is no religion or ulterior motives behind the boat arrivals in Australia than the popular weekly benefits paid to the successful candidates. Most of the time, a weeks pay from centerlink is what these people could earn in a year at home. I wouldnt be surprised even if high class people start jumping in to boats and head towards australia.

    Australia is a very wealthy country but ruled by idiots. Billions of dollars to replace the public transport ticketing system and in the end we get a thicker card with more problems than before, the pink batt scheme, taxis and its associated policies, the list is never ending.

    Its time that government simply solve all the problems and concentrate on important issues facing the economy.

  4. Mazhar,
    The evidence suggests that there is a motive – and that many “refugees” are simply trying to recolonise after having made a mess of their own homelands. islam is primarily to blame. While muslim economic refugees are a short term annoyance, they present a significant long term threat. We should be sinking these boats and , if Indonesia gets all upset, it should stop sending the boats over. As regards the other problems you note – public transport ticketing sysem -> high level corruption, pink batts -> an incompetent Federal minister, taxis -> third world politics being allowed to function at taxi company management level.

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