London Police to Hire One Minority Officer for Every White Officer

The Brits are trying to put the fire out with gasoline.

Serious  Cultural Enrichment

Having Arab or Somali Muslims investigate crimes  like honour killings, sex slavery (“grooming”), mass-rape, welfare fraud,  FGM, child marriage and  jihad attacks will make Britain much safer, no doubt.

The police service of Londonistan (its no longer a force) is suffering from being  a white, male-dominated organisation.  That’s just not on: the police  have to be diverse to fight crime and terror. The solution is to implement  a “50-50″ plan to hire one ethnic creature for every white officer, which  amounts to “positive discrimination”.

London Police to Hire One Minority Officer for Every White Officer

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On June 3, 2013 In The Point 


I’m sure this will solve everything. “Hello Scotland Yard? Please send over two detectives. One British and one Somali Muslim. And make sure one of them is transgender and in a wheelchair.”

Scotland Yard has discussed with the government a radical change in race relations law to allow positive discrimination in recruitment, as the growth of London’s ethnic minority populations makes the gap between the police ranks and those they serve wider than ever.

In a Guardian interview, the Metropolitan police assistant commissioner Simon Byrne said the plans the Met were examining would mean they “could only recruit, in very broad terms, a white officer if you can recruit a black or minority ethnic person at the same” time.

Byrne said current law “doesn’t allow us to be as bold as we could be”. Nine out of 10 Met officers are white, while the latest census data shows London’s population is 40% minority ethnic.

The senior officer said the “50-50″ plans amounted to “positive discrimination” which would require a change in the law.

But don’t worry. This is entirely practical. Police forces have to be diverse to fight crime and terror.

One of Britain’s most senior police chiefs also says it also makes the service less effective in fighting terrorism.

Byrne said: “We have not kept pace with the changing shape of London … The thing we have got to overcome, by legacy and history, we have broadly been, initially, a white, male-dominated organisation.”

Horrors. I’m sure an organization of Nigerian women in wheelchairs dressed in Burkas will be loads more effective.

The issue is pressing for the Met as it is planning a recruitment drive for thousands of officers, after a hiring freeze. Byrne said the danger was that the force would end up missing the chance to change the ethnic makeup of recruits and “get swamped by applications from our relatives.”


4 thoughts on “London Police to Hire One Minority Officer for Every White Officer”

  1. The force is already racially balanced. Every day thousands of white officers arrest and equal number of ethnic criminals

  2. We have always venerated our Dad for getting the hell out in 52, he is gone now but never have I felt so relieved I didn’t have to grow up in the Vichy country that England has become. For the love of god remember your heritage.

  3. This is a recipe for disaster – I suggest that you folks in the UK really had better take an active interest in the recruiting policies of your police forces.

  4. Here we go again with the multiculturalism (racism) group might makes rights and communazi’s “reverse” discrimination plans again:

    “Preferential hiring” policies are the same old canard of communists everywhere, inflicting and extorting a forced equality of outcome, rather than equality of opportunity, which of course always really only punishes those who could otherwise succeed, and rewards those who choose not to.

    It’s pre-emptively victim-blaming slander, as well: “Because someone sort of like you may have once discriminated against someone sort of like them somewhere (not necessarily even here,) therefore we will take from you and give to them.”

    This is where group-might-made-rights gets us: all the real human individual citizens are deprived of their real human rights, because liberal cry babies want to pretend that:

    “All minorities were decimated and genocided into that status by oppressive evil majorities! Always!”

    This nonsense is just another one of the critical thinking logical fallacies in action.

    So if Abdul is the first member of his tribe to arrive here, and after a merely subjective amount of time has passed without him becoming President – whether he tried to or not – some liberal will cry “Unfair!” and hold its breath until it turns blue to extort the outcome it wants. (See “Obama”)!

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