Obama regime working tirelessly with the OIC to abolish Freedom of Speech & to make Islam dominant in the world

And what a despicable regime it is!

Two items on the current race to ending individual right to expression and religion in the USA and the world.

Posted on June 3, 2013 by Eeyore

Diana West wrote this article on what seems to be the US administrations galloping implementation of sharia norms and the rapid destruction of US constitutional ones.

 ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day. But it was burned down in one’

By coincidence, I happened to have been pointed to the OIC chair’s recent interview on Al Jazeera TV published yesterday and noticed that while he is a very smooth talker, his arguments are rather full of misdirection, lies and logical fallacies, which of course they would have to be in order to achieve the intellectual slight of hand that the OIC is working towards, namely the replacement of actual individual rights to freedom of conscience and expression with medieval blasphemy laws.

Dealing with them all would make a video that would rival The Lord of the Rings so I just chose to address a few of the less obvious ones.

The whole interview is here:


The United Nations passed sweeping legislation in April that will regulate the international arms trade and could lead to a national gun registry in the United States.

No wonder Democrats love it!

New York City, how’s that strict gun control working out for you?

25 people shot in 48 hours. Three killed Sunday after three were killed Saturday. One of the wounded includes an 11-year-old girl who will never walk again. (from the NYT)

Hiding Behind “International Law”- (which according to the OIC dominated UN, means sharia)

Professor Robbie Sabel: Manipulating International Law as Part of Anti-Israeli “Lawfare”

Israel has a strong record of complying with international law and its judicial system ensures that it will continue to do so. The essence of any legal system, however, is that law applies equally to all. This principle is being undermined by the attempts of Israel’s foes and detractors to manipulate international law as part of their lawfare against Israel. Devising tailor-made rules of international law for application only where Israel is concerned undermines international law and can have an insidious and corrosive effect on the rule of law in general.