‘Racist’ Bacon!

In Pork We Trust!

Peace Through Pork… Ammo Company Comes Up With Jihad-Proof Pork-Coated Bullets

With two layers of pork deterrent…

An Idaho company has come up with a culturally-sensitive solution to dealing with sudden jihad syndrome

Pork-infused bullets.


Jihawg Ammunition 9mm Pig Tainted Ammo – an all natural deterrent to sudden jihad syndrome.

Saint Alphonso’s ‘Racist’ Burgers:

UK: Man loses out on job after Muslim boss takes offense at his offer to buy bacon sandwiches for colleagues

baconsandwich.jpgThe dreaded bacon sandwich of hate

Bacon sandwiches are now racist. What race is bacon again? I keep forgetting. “Contractor loses out on his ‘dream’ £1,000-a-week IT role after unwittingly saying he would treat his Muslim recruiter to a bacon sandwich,” by Helen Lawson for the Daily Mail, June 15 (thanks to Blazing Cat Fur):

An IT contractor claims an off-the-cuff remark about a bacon sandwich cost him a £1,000-a-week job.  (More from JW)