Bipolar Judge Maloney, what do you know about ‘the Islamic faith?’

Eyore kept an eye on the sentencing of religious Muslims who flogged a fellow muslim over drug and alcohol use:

802265-130614-fayadWassim Fayad has been jailed for 16 months for whipping Christian Martinez 40 times with an electrical cord as a Sharia law punishment for drug and alcohol use.

A (Musel-)MAN who whipped a Muslim convert as punishment for drinking alcohol and taking drugs because of a “contorted” belief in Sharia law has been jailed for at least 16 months.

Earlier this year, Magistrate Brian Moloney found Wasim Fayed, 45, Zakaryah Raad, 21, Tolga Cifki, 21, and Gengiz Coskin, 22, guilty of assaulting Christian Martinez in July 2011.

Once again, a Western judge used fantasy based,  calamitous logic in adjudicating cases where islam is a factor.


Moloney was diagnosed in 2011 with bipolar disorder.

The SMH reported:

Magistrate Maloney is, and will remain, incapacitated for the performance of judicial duties by his bipolar 2 disorder,” the commission found.

Parliament may  consider if he should be dismissed for what he might do in the future.

The fairly well known case of an Australian convert to islam being tied up and whipped in his apartment by three other muslims for what some reports are saying was his use of alcohol and consequent violation of sharia law has now been judged and the men who attacked the victim rightfully sentenced to jail.

But the damage the judge did to the legal system by his legal reasoning was far worse than the benefits Australia derived from jailing these three devout and knowledgable muslims.

From the Australian:

Addressing Fayed directly, Mr Maloney told him “you have brought much shame upon the Islamic faith”.

“You have proved yourself unscrupulously cunning, deceptive and dishonest.

“You profess to be a religious man, however you resorted to violence upon Mr Martinez.”

Mr Maloney said the case was “never about the Islamic faith or Islamic law”.

Instead he said Fayed had whipped Mr Martinez in order to get him to pay his debts.

Fayed shook his head and muttered as Mr Maloney handed down his sentence.

Once again we see idiot authorities in the Western world presuming to adjudicate on the basis of what is and what is not islamic law. These men where indeed “religious men”And the fact that he is wrong about islam makes it worse not better. The attack was uterly consistent with islamic law and dogma. But that is not the issue. There is only one kind of law that should apply and it doesn’t matter, or at least should not matter whatsoever what system of belief the attacker used.

The idea of determining for another whether he was correct in his assessment of his own beliefs is preposterous from the starting gate. But much more importantly it both is, and must be, utterly irrelevant. All that does matter is Australian secular law. These men broke it in many ways and should face the requisite punishment. And frankly, as motive goes to implementation of a foreign penal code, the punishment should be far worse and not mitigated for ‘cultural reasons’ as they clearly were since most of the accused where spared jail.

The presumption that this judge knows islamic law and can feel confident in pronouncing on how the perps violated sharia ethics etc. is more an insult to us than it is one to muslims. As it means this judge is trying to pull the wool over the rest of our eyes in an ever increasing minuet of deception perpetrated by those elected and appointed to represent Western values, laws and priorities.

Eeyore for Vlad.

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