Syria: “Our religion is one of superiority and honour. The Mujaheddin, those who practise jihad, are those who defend the Muslims.”

Britons fighting with Syria’s jihadi ‘band of brothers’

Fighters from the west are flocking to Syria in growing numbers, with estimates that there are now about 80 British recruits in the country among as many as 700 Europeans.

Of course they are not “Britons”, they are Islamic headbangers whose loyalty belongs to the umma:

We can’t accept enemies of Allah for our religion – killing us, abusing our religion, belittling it, taking our lands.  Ibrahim al-Mazwagi, British rebel fighter in Syria

In this Channel 4 News exclusive, British and other western jihadi fighters are shown in Syria as never before – fighting and killing, shopping and preparing for a wedding. Inigo Gilmore reports.

The Katiba al-Muhajireen, now part of a jihadi alliance, is comprised mostly of Chechen and Russian fighters but there are many other recruits from north America, Sweden, Britain and other European countries.

Asked when jihad ends for him, al-Mazwagi answers: “When I die.” Referring to what might happen to his wife if he dies, he says: “I would rather fight in the path of Allah than be with my wife. I have unlimited time to spend with my wife after I die.”


A case can be made that the Syrian rebels must not be defeated because it would be an Iranian victory. But what is disturbing is that even if one could argue that the rebels must be helped it is a policy being conducted dishonestly. People do not know that the weapons given by the United States will almost all end up in the hands of pro-Muslim Brotherhood units. How would the American people feel if they knew that truth? At this point, almost 100 percent of the fighters on the front lines–are radical Islamists. The exiled political leadership is overwhelmingly Muslim Brotherhood. This is a choice of Sunni anti-Christians, anti-Americans, and antisemites rather than Shia anti-Christians, anti-Americans, and antisemites. The United States–after Egypt and Tunisia–is now promoting the Muslim Brotherhood as regional hegemon. This is not a good idea and certainly not one to be made by honestly debating whether the United States wants to do this.”