Turkey: Erdogan’s Henchmen Crush Freedom Protestors, Foreign Correspondents Detained

Is there anyone who didn’t see this coming?

Erdogan sold  his  soul to the Soddy Barbarians:  17,000 mosques built in Turkey under the Erdogan regime with Saudi money in order to propagate Wahhabism.

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Pamela Geller:

Erdogan’s Turkish Police “Armed to the Teeth” to Crush Freedom Protests, detains foreign correspondents


A protester raises her fist and shouts during a demonstration on June 9, on Gundogdu Square in Izmir. Turkey’s defiant Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan told supporters on June 9 that his patience “has a limit” as he went on the offensive against mass protests to his Islamic-rooted government’s decade-long rule. As tens of thousands of protesters massed in Istanbul, the capital Ankara and the western city of Izmir, in unrest now in its 10th day, Erdogan staged his own rallies across three cities to fire up loyalists of his ruling supremaist Justice and Development Party.

How do you call Turkey a democracy when you violently crack down on freedom demos? And why are the eurodhimmis rushing Turkey’s entry into the EU when Prime Minsiter Erdogan embodies the very worst elements of Islamic supremacism?

And how disturbing is it that this Islamic brute is Obama’s “favorite and most trusted ally”?

CBC foreign correspondents detained in Turkey


Turkey mulls referendum on Taksim park plan

Government willing to hold vote on Istanbul redevelopment plan that triggered weeks of protests, spokesman says.

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