If Husic is a non-practicing Muslim, why did he find it necessary to swear on that dirty book?

Husic says he is a non-practicing muslim, and yet  he chose to swear on  the Koran. The Koran mandates genocide of Jews and teaches Muslims to ‘wipe the unbelievers out to the last’.

Trollistan  unhinged:

Andrew Bolt finds it necessary to pontificate:

Husic’s response at a press conference this morning was dignified. He is right not to let the gutless few who dwell in the dark of the Internet define us all.

I’m not impressed.

Labor blames Abbott Abbott Abbott:

The MSM tries to pin this on Tony Abbott: “Tony Abbott has failed to condemn…”


Labor MP Michelle Rowland took to Twitter to slam Mr Abbott for not making strong comments on the abuse.

“Abbott’s comments re Ed Husic are extremely weak. Why not condemn the racist abuse directed at him,” Ms Rowland, also a Western Sydney MP, posted.

Rowland should be ashamed of herself. (oh, I forgot: lefties are shameless. What to do, what to do?)

So what race is Husic? What’s race got to do with an abominable belief system? Could it be that  people  like Rowland, who  deliberately conflate race with ideology, are driven by an agenda that is too ugly to contemplate?

Rowland hides behind freedom of religion, but will not grant us our  G-d given freedom of speech.  There’s something really fuggly in the making……..


In other news:

Wacky Zacky, the Enricher

Sunni versus Shiites in Sydney and Syria:

During a lecture last month, Campbelltown Sheikh Jamil el-Biza said Shiites should be destroyed ‘’either with our hands or with our blood’’. He berated young Muslims for caring more about the Canterbury Bulldogs NRL team than what is happening to their ‘’brothers’’ in Syria, Chechnya, Kashmir and Somalia …

Zaky Mallah, who runs an office for the Free Syrian Army from his Parramatta garage, promises he can get young Australians into Syria in less than 24 hours but strongly denies he is recruiting people for the resistance.

Wacky Zaky, previously employed at Sydney’s Olympic stadium, now dreams of doom:

Zaky Mallah’s aim is to die in Syria.

‘’I wouldn’t mind being granted martyrdom,’’ he said. ‘’Call me crazy, call me weird, call me whatever but it’s a cause I’m willing to die for.’’

While awaiting his heroic martyrdom, Zaky currently leads all local extremist beauty contests in the sensitive posing category.  (Tim Blair: Just Leave!)

4 thoughts on “If Husic is a non-practicing Muslim, why did he find it necessary to swear on that dirty book?”

  1. In an article in The Australian today, 2nd July, Joe Kelly wrote:

    “Tony Burke was sworn in on an Arabic Bible lent to him by the Lebanese embassy ……”

    Why an Arabic bible?

    Which bible did the rest of the new members swear on? Are any of them atheists?

  2. “Total Bulldust Andrew. What next? Swear on a Mickey Mouse comic? This is the first step in their movement, install the so called less radical types in public office and then get more rubbish elected who will really be in our face making laws that suit them. It has happened in every country that now has an islamic problem.
    Andrew, you are pathetic. You can see what happened in Holland, but not here. You are a sanctimonious fraud as an Australian changing your spots whenever its suits rather than having a set of core principles that you adhere to.
    Im disgusted.

    TheDAwg of WC (Reply)
    Tue 02 Jul 13 (02:26pm)”

    -comment on AB’s blog. I agree.

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