Spain: it can’t be Islamic terrorism because that might cause a “backlash” against Muslims

Too many train-crashes lately:

Spain: it can’t be Islamic terrorism because that might cause a “backlash” against Muslims

Managed to recover the original post:

Spain investigates train crash that killed 77; rules out terrorism

The passengers were Christians on the way to celebrate a religious festival, which irks Muslims.
Catholic pilgrims converge on the Santiago de Compostela annually to celebrate a festival honouring St. James, the disciple of Jesus whose remains are said to rest in a shrine. The city is the main gathering point for the faithful who make it to the end of the El Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route that has drawn Christians since the Middle Ages.(Source)
There have been a few high-profile train crashes in various western countries recently, and there has been speculation about Muslim involvement in bringing them about.So could yesterday’s Spanish train crash have been an instance of jihad terrorism?  The following indications speak in favour of it:Islam vs Europe has more.

Vlad Tepes has the goods:
Posted on July 24, 2013 by Eeyore

St. James was a slayer of Muslims.

Saint James Matamoros or in other words, killer of Muslims.
Saint James the Moor-slayer (Spanish: Santiago Matamoros) is famous Spanish myth. He was said to be St. James, son of Zebedee, an apostle of Jesus. Legends said he appeared in the fictional Battle of Clavijoon 23 May 844, in which Spanish Christians defeated the Moors (Muslims), during the Reconquista. He is a myth and the battle is too, but he remains as Spain’s patron saint.[1]
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C.B. Sashenka adds the following:
Like Spain, the France train crash was on a holiday as well, on the St. Bastille weekend – St Bastille is the symbol of the uprising of the modern nation and of the reconciliation of all the French inside the constitutional monarchy.
Islam doesn’t like France’s St Bastille Day which celebrates its patron Saint Denis, or Spain’s patron St James. As of a few minutes, the train derailment outside city of Santiago de Compostela, has so far killed at least 60 and injured over 135…….
From this we may be able to deduce which city will be next as these are clearly attacks based on religious commemorations and especially ones that show the unbelievers defeating attacking Muslims.


4 thoughts on “Spain: it can’t be Islamic terrorism because that might cause a “backlash” against Muslims”

  1. I am really impressed by your research. When hearing of yet another train crash I automatically thought: “Ramadan”.

    Well, the “enquiry” which will be drawn out, to keep the plebs quiet for a while, will come out with the result: “Speed”, “Human Error”. The driver, who was not hurt and has already eagerly “confessed”, will be paid off, and those who will keep mistrusting the “official” version of dhimmified Politicians and their little helpers in the Media, will be called Conspiracy Nuts. I will be one of those, because I certainly will not believe the “official findings”, knowing that they will be a whitewash.

    And yours, dear Sheik, is the headline of the year:

    “It can’t be Islamic terrorism because that might cause a “backlash” against Muslims”

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