Won’t be long before the bombs go off in Sydney

The evil price of seeming good

Andrew Bolt

How many lives were lost and billions wasted before Labor realised – 46,000 boat people later – it had been horribly, pridefully wrong:

Taxpayer-funded trainers give refugees propaganda lauding Rudd and the Greens

Seriously, you couldn’t make it up.


A bomb found behind a Sydney police station and linked to last year’s Muslim riots could have been deadly if it had detonated, police say.

“We have detonated a bomb protesting against your killings of muslim overseas, and your unjust conviction of our brothers and your treatment of us when we protested in Sydney,” the email said.

Police are using CCTV of the area surrounding Campsie police station to try to identify the person or people responsible for planting the device. (9News)

A BOMB exploded outside an outlaw bikie gang’s clubhouse in Dandenong overnight.

Police arson and explosive squad detectives are investigating outside the Bandidos chapter’s clubhouse in a gated industrial estate in Dunn Crescent this afternoon.  (Source)


…and the boats keep coming:


SYDNEY: Buildings were torched as hundreds of asylum-seekers escaped detention during riots at an Australian refugee facility on Nauru, witnesses said Saturday, following the launch of a hardline immigration crackdown.

Australia announced on Friday that boatpeople will no longer be resettled in the country and all future unauthorised arrivals will be sent to poverty-stricken Papua New Guinea for permanent resettlement.

Rembember, only Muslims are ‘human’- infidels are the worst of creatures. We need to be replaced:


No Muslim has the right to settle in Australia


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