All Muslims are terrorists, so singling out 16 of the “most wanted” is “Islamophobic” and “racist”

It’s a spectacular submission to terror.  (Pamela Geller)

All Muslims are terrorists, so we cannot single out 16 of the most wanted. That would be “racist” and “Islamophobic”.

We can’t discriminate in this way. Somebody’s feelings could get hurt.

Seattle Transit took the FBI ad down because Jeff Siddiqui of American Muslims of Puget Sound claimed that the ad made Seattle-area Muslims “concerned for their safety and because Congressman Jim McDermott (D-WA) claimed the campaign was “offensive to Muslims and ethnic minorities” and encouraged “racial and religious profiling.”–More…..


Erdogan Angers U.S., Israel, Egypt with Morsi Defense

Right or wrong, MuBro’s  always stand together….

Turkish PM accuses Israel of orchestrating Egypt coup

It’s a Sunni-Shi’ite consensus: Turkey’s Islamic supremacist prime minister agrees withIran’s Ayatollah Khamenei that the Jews, the worst enemies of the Muslims according to the Qur’an (5:82), must be behind it all. “Turkish PM accuses Israel of orchestrating Egypt coup,” from AGI, August 20 (thanks to C. Cantoni):

(AGI) Ankara, Aug 20 – Israel was behind the coup that ousted Egyptian president Muhammad Morsi, said Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Documents proved they were involved, he told local Justice and Development Party leaders. . .

Al Jizz opens up with Jew-hatin’ conspiracy kook  Stephen Walt:  true to form  he blamed the Jews for America giving aid to Egypt.

Al Jazeera Exposed: Glenn Beck Reveals Network’s Origins

“It was born out of love and respect for Shariah Law, certainly not our Constitution or the freedom of man.”–Read More »


Christian Blood is Cheap For the Muslim POTUS Obama

Nashville Coptic Christians protest against Muslim Brotherhood: “Obama, Obama, don’t you care? Christian blood is everywhere”

How odd that Bob Smietana, a “journalist” who is usually reliably biased in favor of Islamic supremacists, didn’t call the rallygoers “racist, bigoted Islamophobes.”

“200 Coptic Christians rally in Nashville, call for peace in Egypt,” by Bob Smietana forThe Tennessean, August 19:

More than 200 Coptic Christians demonstrated in downtown Nashville, calling for an end to the violence in Egypt.  (JW)

There is always more money for the “Palestinians”

What took so long to figure that out?

The Marxist Muslim will do whatever needs to be done to make the U.S. Islamic: Obama’s foreign policy advances the interests of Islamists and leftists and subverts freedom

 Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said the court system is overstepping its authority

“It’s not up to the courts to invent new minorities that get special protections,” Scalia said.

Scalia said any such changes should be left up to Congress to make, not a majority of judges. Scalia, of the court’s conservative side, wrote a biting dissent of the Defense of Marriage Act decision. (source)

Terrorising the Bitter clingers

A lesbian couple filed a formal complaint against “Sweet Cakes by Melissa” in Portland after the owners – Aaron and Melissa Klein – declined on the basis of their Christian faith to provide services for a lesbian “wedding.

Egyptian Military Warns Obama: ‘Supporting Terrorism’ in Egypt is ‘Red Line’

“We will not retreat from fighting terrorism; the military does not run, for the [Egyptian] republic has leadership, and our message is clear: we will not allow red lines to be crossed.”

One thought on “All Muslims are terrorists, so singling out 16 of the “most wanted” is “Islamophobic” and “racist””

  1. As to the “bitter clinges”, above, who refused to cater a lesbian wedding, due to Christian beliefs & the legal problems, & associated legal expenses that they now be facing.
    I am not optimistic about the outcome of this matter for the people involved. I am aware of cases where other, resisters to this new PC trend have been broken, just from the legal expenses involved.
    This matter sets me to wondering, how the courts would handle a case where a Muslim caterer, refused to cater a wedding, & serve pork appetizers,..during ramadom,..
    I am guessing that they wouldbe treated very differently, than the way that I expect that these Christians will be treated.

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