Obama Owns The Muslim Brotherhood Accomplishments

No, he can’t blame Bush for this. This is entirely grown out of his manure.

Egypt: What the Muslim Brotherhood has accomplished


Inside the 16th century monastery in the village of Nazla in Fayoum, Egypt — burned, looted, and totally destroyed by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama gives $148 million to “Palestine”

They shouldn’t get a penny unless and until they end the genocidal antisemitic rhetoric. “US provides $148 million to Palestine,” from World Bulletin, August 19 (thanks to JW):

US will provide financial support of $148 million to Palestinian government.Palestinian Prime Minister Rami el-Hamdallah has signed a financial support agreement “$148 million aid transfer from US administration to Palestine” with US consul general in Palestine Michael Ratni, office of Prime Ministry said in a written statement.

Palestinian government will receive financial aid twice within 2013, of which the last will be used to buy fuel from Israel.

It was also stated that Ratni said US provided Palestine aid worth of $1.3 billion since 1994, which were intended to close the budget deficit of existing government.

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