Iran is determined to spread the Islamic Revolution around the world

Thousands of Iranians likely to remain in Australia |

Many look like the thugs from the Revolutionary Guards, and they behave that way.

Tehran will not take them back,” said the source. “This is intractable. We are stuck with them. They have no right to remain in Australia, but Tehran will not allow them back. We can’t return them. …  More enrichment at thanks to Mullah

Michael Coren & Robert Spencer – Jihad Watch – Aug 8, 2013

Obama Muzzles Fort Hood Survivors

Benghazi survivors aren’t the only ones getting muzzled by the Obama Regime:

Autumn Manning, wife of Fort Hood survivor Army Staff Sgt. Shawn Manning, is claiming that the U.S. Department of Defense is “slapping victims with gag orders” and telling family members not to talk to the press following testimony in the trial of Maj. Nidal Hasan.  (Moonbattery)

Androgyny Is the New Black

According to the propaganda rammed down our throats by cultural Marxists, homosexuals are the new oppressed blacks. So it should come as no surprise that according to the fashion world,androgyny is the new black:  (Moonbattery)



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  1. Charity workers destroy the narative. “muslims are victims of western imperialism”, “only muslims help other muslims”, and not to forget “western (visible) girls are a temptation”.

    Hoewver, while I am able to understand the mindset of crazy muslims, I am unable to understand the mindset of crazy do-gooders, who are obviously unwanted.

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