“No shred of evidence…”

 Sadly, the “epidemic” of black-on-white violence is anything but a myth.

The “myth” of black-on-white crime?

Earl Ofari Hutchinson is a PuffHo scribbler, MSNBC contributor, and a co-host for Al Sharpton’s radio show:

Although “there is not a shred of evidence or even the hint that [the] killing of Lane was racially motivated,” Hutchinson asserts, right-wingers imply otherwise.  Theirs is a “false, self-serving,” and “cheap ploy” to marginalize “civil rights leaders” while promoting the “myth” of a national press determined to conceal an “epidemic” of black-on-white killing.

Dreck. Blacks murder whites four times more often than whites murder blacks. That’s a fact.

Here’s what I’m talking about: hot dog vendor murdered with hammer at local Home Depot

Police are hoping surveillance video will help catch four suspects after a hot dog vender was robbed and attacked with a stolen hammer at a Ferguson Home Depot on Wednesday. view full article –

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What a turd.  I’m not into emotional blackmail.

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You can roll a turd in glitter, but …. its still a turd.

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  1. Chris Lane’s murder was not racially motivated? Ask the murderers if they would have shot a black man for fun. I say it would not have occurred to them.

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