Storm over “heavily edited” Islamic cleric video causes fear of “backlash” against Muslim community


Muselmanic victimhood  on steroids. Again, the soldiers of allah are taking clueless kafirs for the fools they are.

SA’s Islamic community has distanced itself from controversial preachings calling for retaliation against Buddhists and Hindus who’ve harmed Muslims.

South Australia’s Islamic community has distanced itself from the controversial preachings of an outspoken cleric who’s called for divine retaliation against Buddhists and Hindus who’ve harmed Muslims.

It follows the posting of a heavily edited extract of a sermon at the Islamic Da’wah centre of South Australia earlier this year and posted this week on You Tube.

South Australian police say they have received a complaint about the sermon and are investigating.

Sheik Sharif Hussein, calling on Allah’s wrath to be visited on those he believes responsible for the murder and rape of Muslims in Myanmar.

(Projection. It is Muslims who murder and rape the Buddhists of Myanmar, not the other way around.)

He beseeches, “Oh Allah, count the Buddhists and Hindus one by one, count them and kill them to the very last one.”

The cleric is also critical of Australian troops in Iraq and Australian and US political leaders, saying President Obama kisses the shoes and feet of the Jews.

South Australia’s Multicultural Minister describes the video as the ravings of someone completely out of touch.

But the Islamic Da’wah centre says the clip is a cut and paste job aimed at discrediting Islam.

Da’wah centre spokesman Wagdy Elgeezawy declined to do a recorded interview.

However he told SBS the Sheik’s comments were not intended to incite violence but were a call for Allah to exact revenge against those who commit war crimes against Muslims.

He says the Centre stands beside Sheik Hussein, even though it doesn’t condone his strong language.

Mr Elgeezawy believes the video clip, posted on the website of the US Based Middle East Media Research Institute, was selectively edited by pro-Jewish elements and calculated to portray Islam in a bad light.

SBS has sought comment from the Middle East Media Research Institute, the US based website on which the clip was posted.

Meanwhile, South Australia’s wider Islamic community has distanced itself from the Sheik’s statement.

Dr Waleed Alkhazrajy is the spokesman for the Islamic Society of South Australia, the peak body representing most of the state’s masjids, or mosques.

“In every community no matter what size small or large, there will always be some people who make comments that cannot be easily understood or accepted by the wider community. Maybe this guy is one of these people. But in view of what’s happening we’re trying to confirm that our society does not hold the views that’s been included in this material.”

Dr Alkhazrajy says he has serious doubts about the video.

“We don’t know when, where and in which context this material has been posted. It seems to be it’s been taken from multiple events put together, edited, sub edited, and that’s why we can’t really comment. But the content of it as it is, as it’s raw, an assessment of it. It’s still unacceptable to our view of things. ”

Dr Alkhazrajy says the comments are not reflective of 99.999 per cent of peace-loving Muslims and hopes the video doesn’t provoke retribution.

“We don’t want people to misunderstood these remarks and believe this represents the wider Muslim community view, and then they start to attack members of our community, especially the vulnerable ones like our ladies, especially easily identified with their dress code and the cover of the veil or the hijab. We always have a surge of attacks against our community, this is a real concern.”

And he holds other fears too.

“Another thing is concern for the wider community – some people might go along and hear these remarks and take them out of context and start to act on it as part of our Muslim community and the rest of the community get affected. We don’t want any affect, we need to live in harmony, this remarks are not helpful.”

South Australia’s Equal Opportunity Commissioner Anne Gale hasn’t received a complaint but is assessing whether the video breaches state or federal discrimination laws.

“Freedom of speech is really important in our country and it is protected and valued. But comments that are made publicly that go too far or hurt a particular group, race or religion – we don’t want to tolerate that and there are laws in place designed to deal with that if there is someone who’s going a bit too far in that area.

South Australian police have confirmed they’ve received a complaint.

They will examine the longer sermon from which it is believed the edited video was made, to determine whether any crime has been committed.

Update from the Iconoclast:

Australia: Police Investigate Muslim Preacher Who Called For Hindus and Buddhists to Be Killed

As reported just yesterday by the ABC.

‘SA Police Investigating Islamic Preacher’s Call For Violence In Online Video’.

Dear Auntie ABC: 8 out of 10 for referring to him plainly, in that headline, as ‘Islamic Preacher’.  But ‘Muslim Preacher’ would have been even clearer and also briefer by a whole syllable. – CM

‘An online video of a radical Islamic preacher (dear ABC: you did better in the headline; you don’t need the qualifier ‘radical’.  He’s nothing but a bog-standard Mohammedan, saying plainly what Islam thinks and has always thought of the hated polytheists; for more, see K S Lal on the history of Islam in India; and ask yourself what happened to the Buddhists of Central Asia, including those of what is now Afghanistan – CM) calling for Hindus and Buddhists to be killed is being investigated by South Australian police.

‘The video in Arabic contains extracts from a sermon by Sheikh Sharif Hussein who was formerly employed at the Park Holme mosque in Adelaide’s south.

Click on the link; the story includes a picture of the mosque, brand new, shiny, large and glitzy, with a very tall minaret.  I’d love to know how old it is, how much it cost to build, how many male Mohammedans usually gather there, and who paid for it to be built. – CM

‘Sheikh Hussain quit about three years ago, after concerns were raised about his extremist views.

‘The video was posted on an American website (a Muslim website? a non-Muslim website? observe that Auntie ABC does not mention the astute people at MEMRI who first spotted, translated, and exhibited to non-Muslim eyes this damning and very disturbing video clip; nor does ABC name the two other very well known websites, namely, Jihadwatch and Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs, who re-posted it from MEMRI so as to bring it to the attention of an even wider audience. – CM), and has now appeared on YouTube.

‘It contains derogatory remarks (understatement of the year – CM) about Jews, Hindus and Buddhists, and brands former Prime Minsiter John Howard a war criminal.

Let’s take a look at those ‘derogatory remarks’, which the ABC primly refuses to quote.  On the Jews: “The Jews, always and everywhere, supply the hypocrites, lackeys and traitors among the Muslims…with money, media outlets, weapons, and so on, in order to generate confusion and strife within Muslim societies”.  In other words: Hussein is restating the vile antisemitic trope which represents Jews as war-mongers.  And as for HIndus and Buddhists, this is what Hussein said – “Oh, Allah, count the Buddhists and HIndus one by one, Oh Allah, count them and kill them to the very last one.” – CM

‘Sheikh Hussein labels Australian soldiers “crusader pigs” and accuses them of helping British and American troops [to] rape women in Iraq.

ABC:  his calling Australian soldiers ‘pigs’ is not a random insult pulled out of thin air.  It is but one modern manifestation of a very long Muslim tradition of referring to Christians – and Muslims regard Australia as a Christian country – as pigs.  Jews, though frequently referred to by Muslims as ‘sons of apes and pigs’, tend to be more often called ‘dogs’ – ‘the Jews are our dogs’. One must remember that both pigs and dogs – the animals – are utterly despised by Muslims as being unclean.  All kuffar are dirty, unclean, haram, in Muslim eyes, and a truly orthodox Muslim is enjoined to view us with absolute contempt, disgust and hatred. – CM

‘He also calls US president Barack Obama an “enemy of Allah”.

And we know what is supposed to be done to those who are mohareb, enemies of Allah; the sharia requires that they be killed.  And this despite all of Obama’s very public and dangerous grovellings to and appeasement of the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob!  There is just no pleasing some people. – CM

‘The name of the Islamic Da’wah Centre of SA appears at the start of the video, but the SA Islamic Society says it does not know if it was produced in Adelaide.

They would say that.  Dear AFP and ASIO: do not blindly swallow such assertions and denials.  Please investigate the lot of them. – CM

‘Police are now investigating after the video was referred to them by Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi.

Good on Senator Bernardi!  (He has ‘form’; in the past he has shown himself willing to stand up to the Mohammedan Mob). And good on the police, for taking the tip seriously.  Memo to South Australian voters; make sure to keep Mr Bernardi in the Senate.  He’s needed. – CM

“The YouTube clip is an edited version of a longer sermon.  Police will examine the entire content of the sermon to gain the full context and determine whether any crime has been committed”, the statement said.

Hypothetical: suppose that a rabbi, a Christian priest, a Hindu priest or a Buddhist abbot, resident within Australia, had placed online a video clip saying exactly the same things about Muslims, in the same ranting tones, that this Muslim rabble-rousing cleric, or jihad gang boss, has said about Jews, Hindus and Buddhists.   Asking God or the gods to ‘kill them all’.  What might the response have been, from the police, and society in general, and from the Press, including the ABC? What ‘context’ would let the speaker off the hook? – CM

‘Disturbing, intolerable, indefensible’. (too bad we have been found out)

‘Islamic Society spokesman Dr Waleed Alkhazrajy says the comments are very disturbing (yes, it isdisturbing when what is said in Arabic is translated into plain English by those pesky eavesdroppers from MEMRI, isn’t it? – CM)  but insists they do not represent the view of the majority of Muslim people.

So: what percentage of Muslims might hold such views?  Care to offer an estimate of that? – CM

“We definitely do not approve such remarks and words and language.  It’s intolerable, cannot be defended, and we don’t know how and why he’s done that because it’s all edited (ah, yes, the good old ‘taken out of context’ excuse: but what context could possibly excuse such statements? – CM) but whatever is on the material that’s been posted on YouTube is unacceptable”, he said.

Can’t have the over-eager Fast Jihadists shooting their mouths off and prematurely alarming the dirty kuffar, while the Ummah’s foothold and advance base Down Under is still, relatively speaking, small and precarious.  I read this as saying that the Sheikh was imprudent; he didn’t check whether it was considered safe to speak his mind. – CM

“Dr Alkhazrajy says the Sheikh stopped preaching at Park Holme about three years ago after refusing to accept constraints on what he could say.

‘Constraints’. That is: there is that which it is at present deemed prudent to publicly say, for kuffar consumption; and that which it is not deemed prudent to say? –  CM

“At the time there were some comments not approved by the community and the committee”.

Approved’.  That can be taken in a sense other than that of moral (in our sense) approbation.  Since nothing the sheikh said is in fact inconsistent with what the Quran, Sira and Hadith teach Muslims to think about non-Muslims, nor is his rant at all atypical of what is produced in the average middle eastern mosque or Pakistani mosque, or taught about Jews, and others, in Islamic textbooks in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and Gaza and Ramallah and elsewhere, one must assume that the Islamic Society of SA spokesman merely has in mind what is deemed safe and expedient to mention, at present, and what is not. – CM

“It came to the time [of] renegotiating the employment conditions and we put terms in the contract saying any remarks need to be made available to the committee to approve.

“That was one of the points he was not happy with.

“I think he’s just a loner now. (Ah yes, he’s just one of the Tiny Minority of Extremists – CM).  I don’t have full information about his movements and whereabouts, but from our point of view, we don’t have any relationship to him.”

In other words, he’s become a liability and we’re throwing him under the bus.  Whatever you do, don’t ask us what Islam – classical, orthodox Islam, in all its texts and their standard interpretations – actually teaches about Jews, or about those abominable polytheists, those practitioners of ‘shirk’ (which is the worst crime, worse than murder), the Christians, Buddhists and Hindus. – CM

‘Parliamentary Speaker and former Attorney-General Michael Atkinsons says he raised concerns several years ago about preaching at the Park Holme mosque.

“I don’t think he’s a lone voice (well? so how many others do you think there might be, who share his views? and isn’t even one person cursing Hindus and Buddhists and praying for Allah to kill them all, and raging at Jews for being war-mongers, quite alarming enough, without the prospect of there being others who think the same and may translate those thoughts into murderous action, sooner or later? – CM) but he is very much a small minority and I’ve been to that mosque at least two times since and I see no evidence that the influence of his ideas continues”, he said.

My dear Mr Atkinson, you need to read Raymond Ibrahim on deception in Islam; and you also need to watch ‘Undercover Mosque’ and ‘Undercover Mosque: The Return’, and an excellent Czech documentary entitled ‘I, Muslim’.  What those smiling bearded chaps and pretty doe-eyed hijabettes may say to somebody like yourself, at a mosque ‘open day’, and what they say amongst themselves when you are not there, may be two entirely different things; especially when they have reason to fear that the kuffar are getting suspicious. – CM

‘Federal Police would not tell the ABC if they are checking the video for any breach of vilification laws.’

I hope the Australian Federal Police have gotten in touch with MEMRI and its translators, to see if they have the whole of the original text (or whether Mr Hussain himself ‘edited down’ his rant so as to make it briefer).

Further observation: I would advise a thorough investigation into Mr Shaikh Sharif Hussein’s background, especially if he is from overseas; if he is either a resident or an immigrant with citizenship, I would like to know exactly how he got in.  If he is not a citizen, I would advise deporting him.  Indeed, the Jews, Hindus and Buddhists in Australia should be kicking up a huge stink, and demanding that he be a/ prosecuted and b/ if not a citizen, deported.  A Muslim preacher demanding that allah should kill every last Hindu or Buddhist is promoting in his hearers an attitude that, in history – recent history, very recent history – has manifestly been followed by murderous, mass-murderous, Muslim attacks upon Hindus and Buddhists.  And Muslim preachers ranting against the Jews has frequently led, throughout history, to murderous Muslim attacks upon Jews. This should be taken very, very seriously.  

And finally: I observe that the ABC, while rushing to talk to a Muslim community leader and spokesman, has apparently refrained from seeking an opinion from the leaders of the Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist communities in Australia, to find out how they feel about this.

A little background on the latest religious stats in Australia may be in order, to give us perhaps a clue as to why this Muslim in Australia might exhibit an obsession with Hindus and Buddhists.

Muslims in Australia make a huge amount of noise, and are demanding – and getting – attention and concessions, such as normalisation of halal meat and halal everything in our food industry, and prayer rooms here there and everywhere, and a glossy propaganda booklet for schools to instil fawning ‘respect’ for Muslims because they are so speshul,  and sharia finance; but they are notthe fastest growing minority belief system, nor are they the single largest non-Christian religious community.  

Here is something fascinating from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, with results from the 2011 Census (we ask a ‘religion’ question):

‘2011 Census Reveals Hinduism as the fastest growing religion in Australia – 20 June 2012′.

“2011 Census of Population and Housing date released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows more Australians than ever are identifying as having no religious affiliation.

“Christianity remained the most commonly reported religion in Australia with 61.1 percent of the population reporting affiliation with a Christian religion – a decline from 63.9 percent in 2006.

“…The number of people reporting ‘No religion’ increased significantly, from 18.7 percent of the population in 2006 to 22.3 percent in 2011.

The most common non-Christian religions in 2011 were Buddhism (accounting for 2.5 percent of the population), Islam (2.2 percent) and Hinduism (1.3 percent).

Of these, Hinduism had experienced the fastest growth since 2006, increasing from 148, 130 to 275, 534, followed by Islam from 340, 394 to 476, 291, and Buddhism from 418, 749 to 528,977...”.

In other words: Hindus and Buddhists if considered together comprise about a million people, twice as many as the Muslims can presently muster.  (Aside: so why are our politicians and intellectuals spending so much time and energy sucking up to the Muslims rather than to the Buddhists?).

And according to my Christian sourcebook ‘Operation World’, which gives the rates of growth of the different belief systems, and was published in 2010, in 2006 the Buddhists had a growth rate (then 5.5 percent) faster than that of Muslims (4.7), and the Hindus (4.6) were just one half a percentage point behind the Muslims ; it appears the Hindus have since pulled ahead.

Either way, in 2006 the Buddhists were the fastest growing religious group in Australia and in 2011 it was the Hindus. 

Funnily enough, to judge from what I’ve seen in the media, ASIO and the Federal Police don’t seem to be much exercised about the danger of ‘radicalisation’ of Buddhist and Hindu youth, nor do they seem to fear that monks in saffron robes will try to explode themselves on aeroplanes, or hatch plots to blow up parliament or the SCG; I doubt that ASIO is expending much energy on surveilling such Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries as have been built on Australian soil.  And we’re not being showered with glossy booklets instructing us on how to accommodate the special needs of Hindu and Buddhist children in our schools and universities, and telling us how much we owe to Hindu and Buddhist civilisation (which would, in fact, be a much more interesting subject for investigation, than the so-called Islamic golden age which is largely an illusion.).

Why is it that a million Buddhists and Hindus  in Australia excite so much less alarm and anxiety, and receive so much less ‘respect’ and ‘strokes’ and are favoured with so much less column space and airtime and glossy promotional booklets and programs, than half a million Muslims?


3 thoughts on “Storm over “heavily edited” Islamic cleric video causes fear of “backlash” against Muslim community”

  1. “….Mr Elgeezawy believes the video clip, posted on the website of the US Based Middle East Media Research Institute, was selectively edited by pro-Jewish elements and calculated to portray Islam in a bad light….”

    so – the spokesturd apologising for the imam’s speech tries to blame ‘da Joooozzzz’ once again?

    Is there any limit to their lack of integrity, morals, ethics?

  2. This piece is disgusting.

    And I note that SBS and the ABC primly refrain from reproducing the portion of the speech that – in classic ‘Protocols’ style – accuses da Joooooz of being war-mongers and blames Jews – not Israel, not Israelis, simply JEWS, ‘always and everywhere’ – of being responsible for the current mess in the dar al Islam.

    Furthermore, SBS pretends that the cursing of Hindus and Buddhists is ‘calling for retaliation against Hindus and Buddhists who’ve harmed Muslims.’
    I have read the transcript of the clip as presented by MEMRI and he says nothing whatsoever about Hindus or Buddhists having harmed Muslims in any particular place or time; he just curses them ALL and tells Allah to count them and kill them.

    SBS sez ‘Sheik Sharif Hussein, calling on Allah’s wrath to be visited on those he believes responsible for the murder and rape of Muslims in Myanmar. He beseeches, “Oh Allah, count the Buddhists and HIndus [sic: how many Hindus live in Myanmar, O SBS? why should he even mention the Hindus?] one by one, count them and kill them to the very last one”.’

    No, SBS, *going by the transcript, you cannot say that he is uttering this curse because of anything that has happened in Myanmar; I looked, myself, and he does not mention Myanmar AT ALL*. It seems plain to me that he hates Hindus and Buddhists simply for being Hindus and Buddhists, period, and he wants them all dead, every last one. All one billion Hindus in the world, and the millions of Buddhists.

    SBS appears not to be aware of what, historically, incited by ‘preachers’ exactly like this one, Muslim armies and Muslim mobs have done to Hindus and to Buddhists, all over Central, South and South EAst Asia.

    They are studiously ignoring the blood-soaked historical record of what Muslims did to India – over 80 million dead Hindus, most of them civilians slaughtered after their fighting men had been overrun. They are hoping we do not remember the Muslim pogroms against Buddhist Chinese in Malaysia and Indonesia, in recent history. And there is no way they will tell us about the Koran’s blanket condemnation of and open, repeated incitement to violence against ‘idolators’ and ‘polytheists’, those who commit ‘shirk’.

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