Obama’s tiny tiny war against the Syrian Christians

Russia gives Obama a way out

Obama backs off ‘red line,’ opens door to ‘diplomatic track’ on Syria

Robert Spencer in PJ Lifestyle: Proving Their Manhood in Syria

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Shirtless horseman vs helmeted bikerider: The “helmeted bike rider” wants a war.

Russia knows that the only thing Obama is concerned with saving is face.

Our enemies know he is weak and feckless and couldn’t possibly have the courage of his convictions, because he hasn’t any.

There was a time when rogue states would turn over their arsenals to us (ie Gaddafi). Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

“Syria positive about giving up chemical weapons” Yahoo, September 9, 2013 (Atlas)

Russia calls for protection of Christian holy places in Maalula






Moscow, September 6, Interfax – The Russian Foreign Ministry has expressed concern over the attempts made by the armed opposition in Syria to take over the city of Maalula, a symbol of the Christian presence in Syria.

No matter how low the blow, libtards can always do you one up:

Shrillary in the bag for al Qaeda Huma:

Hillary Clinton Backs Obama: ‘This Is About Protecting Both the Syrian People and Our Friends in the Region’

“The United States cannot continue allowing the ongoing threat of stockpiles of chemical weapons.”–Read More »

Assad’s Dire Warning to American Journalist: ‘Expect’ Retaliation

• U.S. doesn’t have a “shred” of evidence
• Mocks Obama by comparing him to Bush
• Says his soldiers suffered from the chem attack
• Kerry gives one week ultimatum
• 70% of Americans don’t support a strike
• Even AP questioning the evidence
• Admin admits: Don’t have “irrefutable” evidence

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Samantha Power Refuses to Say Whether Unilateral Syria Strike Is Legal

Samantha Power Refuses to Say Whether Unilateral Syria Strike Is Legal

German Paper’s Major Report on Who Was Behind Chemical Attacks — but Why It Probably Won’t Make a Difference

May further complicate the Obama administration’s efforts to recruit support for a military strike from Congress and foreign allies.–Read More »

Judge Jeanine Rubs Obama’s Nose in His Syrian Stupidity

Once again, the best thing on TV over the weekend was Obama’s weekly appointment behind Jeanine Pirro’s woodshed: (Moonbattery)

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