From Balochistan to Denmark

Everything you wanted to know about Balochistan and other occupied Muslim lands, but were too afraid to ask  (Tarek Fatah & Michael Coren)


“We’re facing a clash of civilization but in one country,” Mr. Mrabet said. “Part of the country is Francophone and lives a European life while the other part of the country is adopting a lifestyle that is [conservative and] Saudi.”

Those Who Would Like To Be French And Those Who Would Like To Be Saudi

Advanced Tunisians can never be French, as long as the mind-forged manacles of Islam are not unlocked, but they can use the French language as a key to all the mysteries, can become more enlightened and hope that their children will become even more so, and adopt, especially outwardly, Western ways. Primitive Tunisians will never be quite as primitive, culturally, as the Arabs of Saudi Arabia, even if they were to try to impose the Compleat Version of Islam on Tunisia. It’s a conflict between two sets of wannabes. And meanwhile, Tunisia is rent forever asunder, until a ruthless Bourguiba appears, one willing to behave as Bourguiba, or still more as Ataturk, did when he attempted in Turkey to systematically constrain the power and prestige of Islam.

Here’s the latest from the eastern Maghreb by Hugh Fitzgerald: Tunisia Opposition Gives Rulers Ultimatum


The Dissolution — In Every Sense — Of Libya


Two years after the death of Muammar Gadhafi, chaos rules in Libya. The government has been commandeered by the militias it funds and districts are declaring independence, threatening the very future of the country.– In LIbya, Everyone Against Everyone

New York Times Hires a Muslim Crackpot Who Believes a ‘Massive Zionist Organisation Rules America & the MuBro’s

For much of the past year, Aswany has tirelessly promoted the theory that “the United States supports the Muslim Brotherhood to reassure Israel.” This is what he told an Egyptian television interviewer in June, and he has reiterated this claim repeatedly in subsequent months.– Eric Trager Introduces Alaa Al-Aswany, The New Times Columnist

“Fundamental Transformation” means an Islamic America

Christianity Under Attack in America

Freedom of religion has come to mean no freedom for the practice of Christianity but ample freedom to practice Islam.  If the war on Christianity in America isn’t halted soon, Barack Obama’s statement that “[w]hatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation,” will certainly become a reality. (Janet Levy writes in the American Thinker)

Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Obama is only concerned when Terry Jones burns a Koran:


Syria: Islamic jihadists burn Bibles and Christian books outside Christian church

“There is no doubt that political Islam will be a force in the new, democratic Middle East. And that is a good thing.” — Islamic supremacist Reza Aslan, January 4, 2012

“ASIA/SYRIA – Christian book burning in Raqqa,” from Agenzia Fides, October 25 (thanks to JW)

Barely more than half?

More than half of Brits want full face veil banned

British people are broadly opposed to the niqab – the full-face veil which shows only the wearer’s eyes – being worn in any public place, exclusive research for Channel 4 News reveals.

Only 47% in Denmark?

A Muselmanic Fritzl